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The New Tablet Huawei MatePad C3 

Huawei will not avoid its tablet releases early at any time, so now it is planning to launch the MatePad C3 edition. It has just leaked, and appears to be sporting an 8-inch screen, plus a MediaTek CPU, all detailed below. It seems that two entry level Huawei slates have recently been approved by Chinese authority 3C.

PC market

The PC market is dominated by Tablets 

Research firm Canalys predicts that tablets will account for 50 percent of the PC market in 2014. It believes tablets will almost out ship all other PC form-factors combined, including desktops and laptops. The firm said shipments will reach 285 million units in 2014, growing to 396 million in 2017. In the third quarter of 2013 tablets made up 40 percent of PC shipments, only half a million units behind laptops.

Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8 

You’d be hard pressed to find any noticeable aesthetic differences between the new Dell Venue 8 and its predecessor, but then again, it would be diffi cult to differentiate this from nearly any other tablet on the market. The bleak black 8-inch exterior has been tried and tested by nearly every Android manufacturer, but it’s a safe bet which Dell knows potential users will like. Around the back there’s a nice matte fi nish that makes the tablet feel good, but it’s a little on the heavy side and fairly chunky as well.