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extend the life
How To ?

How to extend the life of your smartphone 

If you are the kind who needs to get the most out of your smartphone before you purchase a new one, then you will be interested in the following. Whether this is an entry-level model or a state-of-the-art flagship, there are simple, concrete ways to extend the life any smartphone’s lifespan. Here are some recommendations for getting him to play extra time.


OPPO Reno 3: Smartphone specifications 

Announced in December 2019, finally the Chinese manufacturer Oppo has just announced the launch of the international version of the OPPO Reno 3.  Very inspired by the OnePlus 7 Pro , this new mobile phone is both innovative and efficient. It is certainly a mid-range smartphone, but it has several very attractive technical characteristics.

Galaxy S20+

Galaxy S20+: a full-featured high-end smartphone 

If the Galaxy S20+ and its “compact” format seem too small, Samsung has thought of you and offers the Galaxy S20 +. In the program, an almost identical technical sheet, except for the presence of a larger screen, 6.7 inches, and an enlarged battery (4,500 mAh) and welcome as the autonomy stands out as the only defect notable of the Galaxy S20.


Vertu Constellation, the smartphone that was worth 4000 euros 

If you find the iPhone too expensive, do not read what follows ! For nearly twenty years, Under seeks to make the mobile phone – and smartphone – a true object of luxury. His latest gem in date is called a Constellation. Far from the factories of the chinese or vietnamese Apple and Samsung, it is hand-assembled in England. Dressed in leather and metal, the device is sold for the modest sum of 4100 euros. At this price, the finishes are – logically – copies.

LG L90

the LG L90 is a multi-talented smartphone 

There’s never been a better time to buy a budget smartphone, but when you make your pick, tread carefully — every cheap model has its compromises. The LG  L90 has its fair share of drawbacks but it’s hard to think too much with a recent price. The most conspicuous omission is to skip 4 G LTE connectivity

Archos 50c Oxygen

Archos 50c Oxygen Smartphone 

New from Archos is a 5in-screen octa-core smartphone that will cost just £199.
The smartphone Archos 50c Oxygen is incredibly thin and light, at 140g and 145×69.8×7.64mm. Inside there’s just 1GB of RAM, but twin quad-core processors let the Archos deliver great performance with a minimal impact on battery life.

Acer Liquid Z4

Acer Liquid Z4 The New smartphone 

The Acer Liquid Z4 is a very small phone with plastics. It comes in two main finishes, one being white with silver trim and one being black with red highlights. Both looking pretty good,It is an all-round, curvy machine. Its front has bulgy sides with a cool look and the back is curved too. It’s no unique thing but it’s a good build.

M8 Prime

HTC One M8 Prime 

The HTC One M8 Prime is HTC’s replacement for the HTC One Max: a large-screened phablet with a beautiful display, intended to replace both your phone and your tablet. According to the internet rumour mill, fuelled principally by generally credible HTC-watching sites such as EVLeaks, HTCSoku and GSM Arena, the HTC One M8 Prime will have a massive 5.5in display, with a 2K full-HD resolution.