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Galaxy S6

Here’s everything we can tell you about Samsung Galaxy S6 

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 has been on sale for a good few months now, so we’ve naturally begun to look forward to the Samsung Galaxy S6.
Here’s everything we can tell you about Samsung’s next fl agship S-series smartphone. Samsung typically launches one fl agship smartphone per year. Just as the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to launch in September to tie in with IFA 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is available now 

When Samsung released the Galaxy S4 it followed up the popular handset with four slightly different versions that appealed to a range of users. We had the S4 mini, a more compact, less powerful handset that also came in at a slightly cheaper price; we had the S4 Google Play Edition, which ran a vanilla Android OS; there was the S4 Zoom, which featured a 16Mp camera; and then there was the S4 Active, a dustproof, waterproof, rugged version of the standard Galaxy S4 designed for those with an active lifestyle.


Let’s dicover the Samsung NX1 

Samsung has produced some good compact system cameras, such as the NX30 and NX Mini, but they haven’t really grabbed the attention of the average enthusiast photographer. The NX1, however, has a feature set that few photographers can ignore. For a start, the sensor inside Samsung’s new flagship model is an APS-C format, back-illuminated CMOS device with 28 million pixels.