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How To ?

How to upgrade your RAM 

RAM is used to hold all the open apps and data you’re using. If you don’t have enough, your PC can be slow to open new apps and files. Windows used to use a technique called virtual memory, using a hard disk as a backup for when your memory got full; this is disabled on computers with an SSD,


Your PC will no longer look alien, but can fight Coronavirus 

The Folding@home project, which harnesses the computing power of computers of many people around the world to advance the scientific research is going to focus its efforts on the fight against the spread of the coronavirus . At the same time, the program SETI@home, which sondait space in search of traces of extraterrestrial life intelligent will come to an end.


How to play with a gamepad PS4 

The controller DualShock 4 is primarily dedicated to the Playstation 4, but its qualities make it a device that can be perfect for playing on a computer. To connect your controller PS4 over Bluetooth to your PC with Windows 10, there is a small manipulation to make, follow the guide !