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extend the life
How To ?

How to extend the life of your smartphone 

If you are the kind who needs to get the most out of your smartphone before you purchase a new one, then you will be interested in the following. Whether this is an entry-level model or a state-of-the-art flagship, there are simple, concrete ways to extend the life any smartphone’s lifespan. Here are some recommendations for getting him to play extra time.


Use your iPhone as a webcam for videoconfs 

This is the time to resurrect an old iPhone 5 or iPad mini 2 to take advantage of the video during a remote meeting.This is not because you work at home that you no longer have business meetings. And this is not because you don’t have a webcam that you need to remove the…

Portrait mode

A new function to succeed in all your Portrait mode on iPhone 

Apple has just released the 10.1 version of its mobile operating system. In addition to a few minor improvements and bug fixes, this update mainly offers the famous Portrait mode. A function that allows you to take photos with the famous effect “bokeh” that makes the background blur and enables, as a result, to better make out the face of the person. Apple warns, however, that it is only a beta version.

iPhone 9

Apple could announce iPhone 9 as early as April 15 

Apple seems ready to release the iPhone 9 at any cost, given the current pandemic. He might also make his announcement on April 15. In any event, that’s what American leaker Jon Prosser wants. Jon Prosser – again – announces in a tweet that as early as April 15, Apple can plan to present its iPhone 9. Information which the analyst and videographer will obtain from the company’s internal source.