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Tag: Android

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender antivirus is available on Android 

Windows computer users obviously know the famous anti-spyware house Microsoft Defender, launched on Windows XP, then delivered as standard on Windows Vista and Windows 7, before becoming a real antivirus solution on Windows 8 and 10. Today , Microsoft Defender becomes emancipated, and arrives on the Android PlayStore (before an upcoming availability on iOS).


Google fixes 55 security vulnerabilities in Android 

Google announces the correction of multiple vulnerabilities in Android, with the patch of April.Faithful to the post, Google has just published its traditional security bulletin on a monthly basis for Android, which details the list of the vulnerabilities that are resolved with the new security patch. If it is not as strong as that of mars, in which the patches dealt with…

OnePlus One

OnePlus One Available in black or white 

This customisable Android phone has a great spec and an even better price
The 64GB OnePlus One went on sale at the end of May. With the ability to purchase the smartphone through invitation only, and review models incredibly scarce, whether or not to take the plunge and buy a OnePlus One phone could be a tricky decision.

Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8 

You’d be hard pressed to find any noticeable aesthetic differences between the new Dell Venue 8 and its predecessor, but then again, it would be diffi cult to differentiate this from nearly any other tablet on the market. The bleak black 8-inch exterior has been tried and tested by nearly every Android manufacturer, but it’s a safe bet which Dell knows potential users will like. Around the back there’s a nice matte fi nish that makes the tablet feel good, but it’s a little on the heavy side and fairly chunky as well.


Is Android overrun with malware? 

2013 was a year marked by malware targeting mobile devices and Android was the top target, according to latest fi ndings by Fortinet. Threat landscape research by FortiGuard Labs found Android was the top choice for malware developers, with 96.5 percent of all mobile malware infections attributed to the platform. In comparison, Symbian came a distant second at 3.45 percent, while iOS, BlackBerry, PalmOS and Windows together added up to less than 1 percent.

TV Anywhere

Watch TV Anywhere now on Android 

VIRGIN MEDIA HAS launched an Android version of its TV Anywhere app, letting tablet and smartphone owners access a selection of TV channels when away from their TVs. Until now, mobile viewing was limited to PCs and iOS devices, but the new TV Anywhere app opens up 67 channels to Virgin Media customers with an Android handheld, 39 of which are not available on rival service Sky Go.