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PC market

The PC market is dominated by Tablets 

Research firm Canalys predicts that tablets will account for 50 percent of the PC market in 2014. It believes tablets will almost out ship all other PC form-factors combined, including desktops and laptops. The firm said shipments will reach 285 million units in 2014, growing to 396 million in 2017. In the third quarter of 2013 tablets made up 40 percent of PC shipments, only half a million units behind laptops.

HTC nexus

HTC nexus 9 

The HTC nexus 9 is Google’s latest attempt to set a standard for what an Android tablet should be. A surprise to many, it has been manufactured for them by HTC rather than Asus (which produced the popular Nexus 7). HTC is critically acclaimed for its design, most recently for the full-metal HTC One (M8) smartphone. However, HTC has not produced a tablet for years and its previous attempt for Google, the Nexus One, while well received, didn’t really represent a major sales success.

Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 

carved out its very own niche in the market when it first launched the Samsung Galaxy Note series back in late 2011. Although numerous competitors have been released since, the Note still stands as the premier phone-cumtablet hybrid, with the Galaxy Note 4 being the latest edition. Compared to what we’ve seen in the older versions of the Note series, the Galaxy Note 4’s exterior is a noticeable upgrade.