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Category: TVs & GADGETS


NZXT HUE 2 Ambient RGB Lightning Kit V2 

NZXT started with the design of enclosures in 2004 had made a lot of noise in dust-the design of our great big towers with the series of Phantom in 2010. The company continued its journey in diversifying a little from his activity with the integration to their catalog of kits watercooling all-in-one. The proliferation…


TV Samsung Qled 2020: the new range of TVs 

For 2020, Samsung Qled TVs are now called Q60T, Q70T, Q80T and Q95T in Ultra HD, as well as Q800T and Q950TS for 8K Ultra. All Ultra HD televisions have a 10-bit VA panel with an Ultra HD definition of 3,840 x 2,160 px, while 8K Ultra models have a 10-bit VA panel with a definition of 7,680 x 4,320 px.

Devialet Phantom

With Devialet Phantom hear the difference 

A question has played on the minds of all savvy audiophiles – why has Devialet, darlings of the French hi-fi set, been acquiring tens of millions of Euros in investment while mopping up the cream of hardware and software engineers (35 and counting)? One week before the rest of the world’s press were invited, the €1690 Devialet Phantom or ‘implosive sound centre’.


Oppo PM-2 a sonic jewel 

It seems anyone can launch a pair of headphones : speaker manufacturers, brands best known for hefty valve amps, car companies and firms you’ve never heard of before, have all jumped on the current boom in headphone listening.



Even casual viewers of online video will appreciate the ability to watch it on a bigscreen TV. For about $100, you can get a great streaming TV device to do that. Or for about a third of that, you can get a pretty good one. Content selection varies, but all offer such basics as Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. After trying out 10 streaming devices, I have three recommendations and an honorable mention:

TV Anywhere

Watch TV Anywhere now on Android 

VIRGIN MEDIA HAS launched an Android version of its TV Anywhere app, letting tablet and smartphone owners access a selection of TV channels when away from their TVs. Until now, mobile viewing was limited to PCs and iOS devices, but the new TV Anywhere app opens up 67 channels to Virgin Media customers with an Android handheld, 39 of which are not available on rival service Sky Go.


Why i have to buy a 3D TV when i change my TV? 

Today nobody escapes the promotion on the 3d tv : on TV, in magazines, on the radio, the majority of high-tech advertisements highlight of 3d tv . You can also hear and read the arguments of some critics that our senses are so many ideas: little or no content, an expensive investment, the compulsory use of active glasses …. etc. However 3d will gradually win, inevitably, because it brings a new dimension to the image, a bit like when TV went from black and white to color … So if you have decided to change TV, should you opt for a 3d tv?