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Category: Tech


Microsoft : replace journalists with AI 

Microsoft is laid down hundreds of editors and production staff at the companies Microsoft News and MSN. The layoffs are part of Microsoft’s broader drive to focus on artificial intelligence to select news and content from, inside the Organisation’s Edge software, and the numerous Microsoft News applications in the business.


Zoom puts an end to the zoombombing nightmare 

To address its biggest problem, the video conferencing application Zoom just enabled two options that were disabled by default.In the last few weeks Zoom made headlines for two reasons diametrically opposed. On one hand, the application of video conferencing proved a massive hit, and it has multiplied its number of users by 20 compared to December 2019. Of the other,…


Google fixes 55 security vulnerabilities in Android 

Google announces the correction of multiple vulnerabilities in Android, with the patch of April.Faithful to the post, Google has just published its traditional security bulletin on a monthly basis for Android, which details the list of the vulnerabilities that are resolved with the new security patch. If it is not as strong as that of mars, in which the patches dealt with…


Before the déconfinement, it should meet these 3 criteria 

In a notice made public, the scientific Council which directs the policy of Emmanuel Macron on Covid-19 has proposed 3 criteria for enabling exit of the containment.If the last renewal of the containment by the government is the exit to the April 15, 2020, there is no doubt that it will be again renewed. For the moment, there is no…