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Category: Smartphones

Portrait mode

A new function to succeed in all your Portrait mode on iPhone 

Apple has just released the 10.1 version of its mobile operating system. In addition to a few minor improvements and bug fixes, this update mainly offers the famous Portrait mode. A function that allows you to take photos with the famous effect “bokeh” that makes the background blur and enables, as a result, to better make out the face of the person. Apple warns, however, that it is only a beta version.

iPhone 9

Apple could announce iPhone 9 as early as April 15 

Apple seems ready to release the iPhone 9 at any cost, given the current pandemic. He might also make his announcement on April 15. In any event, that’s what American leaker Jon Prosser wants. Jon Prosser – again – announces in a tweet that as early as April 15, Apple can plan to present its iPhone 9. Information which the analyst and videographer will obtain from the company’s internal source.


All you need to know about HarmonyOS 

Huawei has revealed HarmonyOS, its own operating system, which could end up powering its future smartphones if it is indeed no longer allowed access to full-fat Android.
While the US ban might have seemed to be the catalyst for Huaweito reveal HarmonyOS, in reality it was probably due to make its debut regardless, as it looks as though the Chinese firm has been working on the OS for some time

Galaxy S20+

Galaxy S20+: a full-featured high-end smartphone 

If the Galaxy S20+ and its “compact” format seem too small, Samsung has thought of you and offers the Galaxy S20 +. In the program, an almost identical technical sheet, except for the presence of a larger screen, 6.7 inches, and an enlarged battery (4,500 mAh) and welcome as the autonomy stands out as the only defect notable of the Galaxy S20.