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Category: How To ?

extend the life
How To ?

How to extend the life of your smartphone 

If you are the kind who needs to get the most out of your smartphone before you purchase a new one, then you will be interested in the following. Whether this is an entry-level model or a state-of-the-art flagship, there are simple, concrete ways to extend the life any smartphone’s lifespan. Here are some recommendations for getting him to play extra time.

browsing history
How To ?

How to delete browsing history on Chrome 

Clearing browsing history on Chrome not only helps to keep your personal information secure, but also cleans temporary data that is useful in some instances when unexplained errors appear in the browser. You can access your favorite websites, you can’t display images, you can load long …

How To ?

How to upgrade your RAM 

RAM is used to hold all the open apps and data you’re using. If you don’t have enough, your PC can be slow to open new apps and files. Windows used to use a technique called virtual memory, using a hard disk as a backup for when your memory got full; this is disabled on computers with an SSD,

remove junk files
How To ?

How to remove junk files and refresh your pc 

The biggest culprits of a slow computer are those applications sitting in the background sucking up resources. These can be old applications that you’ve installed, but they can also be caused by free software installing software that you don’t really want – called potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) – or even hidden malware or crypto hijackers sucking up resources.

How To ?

How to keep your Windows10 always updated 

If you keep your computer up to date, not only do you patch the latest security threats and get the latest features, you can also make your computer run faster thanks to better-optimised software and bug fixes. One of the biggest issues that Computer Shopper readers have had is getting Windows 10 to update properly.