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Category: Gaming


PS5 versus Xbox Series X: the game of controller 

Microsoft and Sony have each announced in turn the controller which will accompany their upcoming console, the Xbox Series X on one side, the PS5 on the other. It is the opportunity to make the point on the two accessories.Thanks to the recent announcement from Sony, we know the controller for the PS5. It will be the DualSense, which…

GeForce GTX 1650

Nvidia Releases the GeForce GTX 1650 

Nvidia is releasing a third GeForce GTX 1650, a graphics card for the game in Full HD – Digital Search ConnexionEn this momentAttestation/Output TV 4K 55-inch laptops Headsets-micro-Box multimedia All good plans, Life of the net Telephony TV & His Home Computer Photo Recreation Cars & co And also Testing News Download…

Nintendo New 2DS

the New Nintendo 2DS XL game console 

In a post-Switch world, the New Nintendo 2DS XL might feel unnecessary, but there’s no denying that its huge back-catalog of classic games will keep the updated handheld relevant for the foreseeable future. It has a hugely enticing price point for beginners as well.

HP Pavilion Gaming

the HP Pavilion Gaming 17 laptop with GTX 1650 

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop, despite the rise of HP’s Omen line, may seem like a relic from years past. Granted, Omen’s “By Gamers, By Gamers” credits are absent from the Pavilion line but … well, what’s really in a name? The Pavilion Gaming Laptop is truly a veiled Omen, an entry-level peer with mainstream branding.