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Category: Gaming


Twitch finally responds to #TwitchBlackout 

For months, streamers from all over the world have protested Twitch for its lax attitude towards harassment and other (sometimes sexual) abuse committed on the platform. However, despite the large number of complaints, Twitch took a long time to take the situation seriously and to condemn these acts. Recently, the Amazon-owned platform has been chasing non-royalty-free content, but now seems to have regained a sense of priority.

PlayStation 5 event

Sony schedules PlayStation 5 event 

After some speculation in the technology industry, Sony has officially confirmed that the PlayStation 5 event will be hosted next week on Thursday, 4 June. The event is scheduled to start at 4:00 PM ET and the company is promising to give us a “look at the future of gaming at PlayStation 5.”

Corsair T1 Race

Corsair T1 Race (V2) gaming chair 

Gaming chairs are fashionable, a large number of brands offer them, they all have substantially the same presentation inspired by car racing seats. A comparison of the best gaming chairs has been carried out by us to help you find the seat that suits you.


Secretlab Omega (2020): reviews about this gamer chair 

Among the high-end gaming chairs, Secretlab products stand out among the best. The brand unveils 4 ranges depending on the weight and size of users – Omega represents the most balanced. Both comfortable and practical, the gaming chair allows you to choose the covering as much as the style and color. Of course, at premium quality, high price, but is this justified? Let’s find out right now in this Secretlab Omega review.

Project xCloud

Microsoft Project xCloud Beta arrives in France 

Microsoft has launched registration for the beta of Project xCloud, his service games streaming video in particular can be accessed from a mobile. The launch remains unclear.Despite the current context complicated, Microsoft must implement the phase 2 of Project xCloud, mentioned in the end of last year on the occasion of the event XO19. The service of video games…