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Author: elecadmin

Google Maps

Google Maps: finding a good address with Street View will be even easier 

Should we still remember that Google Maps is the most popular mapping service? In 15 years of existence , the platform has gradually gained more and more features to become a real Swiss army knife. It is among other things thanks to this that we can take advantage of the Street View option on computer as on smartphone in several countries. An option that will further improve according to the tests conducted with certain users.

social network

The social network Facebook wants to strengthen its competitor to Pinterest 

Since its creation, Facebook has been constantly finding new uses, which means that regularly, new features of the social network compete directly with other sites or services. For example, by boosting its video functionality, Facebook has become a competitor to YouTube. And through its Marketplace platform, it is also a competitor of Currently, Facebook also offers a feature that can be reminiscent of the Pinterest platform: collections.

voice tweet

Twitter : A new function the voice tweet 

After lifting the historical limit of 140 characters (to go to 280), Twitter has just launched a new function for which this limit is no longer enough: the voice tweet. Indeed, Twitter has deemed it wise to offer this new functionality which aims to “add a more human touch to the way we use Twitter” .