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Author: elecadmin

htc one m8

Check out the HTC ONE (M8)’S PRESENTATION! 

Today HTC unveiled its HTC One (M8) on the occasion of a special event simultaneously in the cities of London and New York. A high-end device which revolved around high expectations, intensified since the disappointment generated by the presentation of the Galaxy S5 last month in Barcelona. The new HTC is it up to his expectations, this is what we will try to see.


Valve releases SteamOS 

VALVE HAS OFFICIALLY released SteamOS,the Linux-based operating system designed specifically for gaming, following the start of its Steam Machine hardware beta programme. It’s the next step for Valve as it moves into the living room

TV Anywhere

Watch TV Anywhere now on Android 

VIRGIN MEDIA HAS launched an Android version of its TV Anywhere app, letting tablet and smartphone owners access a selection of TV channels when away from their TVs. Until now, mobile viewing was limited to PCs and iOS devices, but the new TV Anywhere app opens up 67 channels to Virgin Media customers with an Android handheld, 39 of which are not available on rival service Sky Go.


Yotaphone eInk smartphone launched 

The Yotaphone, THE first dual-screen Android smartphone to combine a traditional LCD screen with a second eInk display, has gone on sale in Europe, and will be coming to the UK soon. St Petersburg-based Yota, which was previously best known for making modems and routers, has developed the phone specifically to combat baΞery drain.


Spotify goes free on mobile devices 

MUSIC STREAMING SERVICE Spotify announced this month that it will let users streammusic on their smartphones and tablets for the first time, even if they don’t pay for the Premium subscription. Company CEO and founder Daniel Ek revealed the news at a New York press conference, where he also disclosed that Spotify was the first streaming service to secure the back-catalogue of rock legends Led Zeppelin, making it the only choice for ageing metalheads.



Immeasurable sadness is surely gripped you when you learned that the Mobile World Congress was over. Do not worry, we’re here to provide you a best-of collection of photos to remember this edition . Menu thereof, stands manufacturers, some unusual images without forgetting the charming hostesses.


Why i have to buy a 3D TV when i change my TV? 

Today nobody escapes the promotion on the 3d tv : on TV, in magazines, on the radio, the majority of high-tech advertisements highlight of 3d tv . You can also hear and read the arguments of some critics that our senses are so many ideas: little or no content, an expensive investment, the compulsory use of active glasses …. etc. However 3d will gradually win, inevitably, because it brings a new dimension to the image, a bit like when TV went from black and white to color … So if you have decided to change TV, should you opt for a 3d tv?