While Sony made the show a few days ago now, by presenting its new PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition , gamers are now looking at the giant Microsoft, which will offer a new video meeting in July. An event broadcast live, which will allow you to learn more about the new Xbox Series S, and in particular the first party games .

The new Xbox Series S “inferior version” for the month of August?

In addition to the powerful Xbox Series X, we know that Microsoft is also preparing a softened version of its future console, whose objective is to be displayed in stores at a more affordable price. An Xbox codenamed “Lockhart” which could be renamed to Xbox Series S when launched. Recent documents concerning the Microsoft devkit have also mentioned this Xbox Lockhart very explicitly .

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According to Eurogamer , Microsoft will not officialize this new Xbox Series S (Lockhart) until August. The American giant should first demonstrate the power of its Xbox Series X, during the event planned for July, in order to respond to Sony and its PS5. A little later, Microsoft should therefore lift the veil on the other Xbox, namely a less successful version, which would have 7.5 GB of RAM (against 13.5 GB for the Series X) and a power of 4 Tflops (against 12 for the Series X).

A console less powerful therefore, which would be cut for all those who do not need the power of the Series X, and especially those who will connect their console to a 1080p screen or a 1440p monitor. Like the PS5 Digital Edition, this Xbox Series S will also constitute a call price for the new Xbox range. Some however show a certain skepticism vis-a-vis this new strategy which consists in launching two versions of a console “next gen” , but with the different power… Case to follow therefore.