Honeycode is the latest innovation from Amazon Web Services and should answer many business issues.

Amazon is much more than just a marketplace or a manufacturer of connected speakers, Amazon is above all a giant of cloud computing thanks to its subsidiary AWS (Amazon Web Services). In 2015, AWS generated the company’s primary source of profit. It must be said that customers with access to 90 AWS services number in the thousands, including Netflix, NASA or the CIA among the big names who use this platform. To find out about the greatness of Amazon and AWS, I invite you to go take a look at the superb documentary produced by Arte: the irresistible rise of Amazon.

Today, Amazon via its AWS subsidiary intends to establish itself as a reference on the web and continues to innovate constantly to become, like Google, a must. AWS ‘latest invention is Honeycode . This tool is riding the no-code trend by offering an ultra-efficient and easy-to-use service in order to develop a web and mobile application without any notion in development. According to Amazon, Honeycode can be used to “create applications whose complexity varies from a task tracking application for a small team to a project management system that manages a complex workflow for several teams or departments”.

Developers in sweat, Amazon seeks with Honeycode to make the creation of an application accessible to all and above all to facilitate organization within a team by putting ultra-personalized tools according to everyone’s expectations. If Honeycode offers predefined models to customers, they can start from scratch by customizing their tool from A to Z. On the tariff side, the applications are free up to 20 users and become chargeable beyond to obtain more storage. Amazon concludes by explaining that Slack and SmugMug would already be ready to deploy a tool for their teams via Honeycode. As a reminder, Slack and Amazon recently joined forces with the objective (among others) of burying Microsoft Teams.