Roborock has established itself as a key player in the robot vacuum cleaner market. Its brand new ultra-intelligent model, the S6 MaxV, has just been launched exclusively at Boulanger, and it is positioned as the most advanced robot vacuum cleaner on the market.

The Roborock S6 MaxV has been in the newsroom for over two weeks, and our tests have been impressive. Pending the publication of the full test, this new model, the most upscale of the brand, has just become available for sale in France. As often, the brand offers a launch at an exclusive reseller, namely Boulanger . While the Roborock S6 is an excellent model, this MaxV version brings a lot of new features that make it almost perfect.

It is the first model of the brand to have two cameras on the front that capture 30 frames per second with a field of view of 120 °. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence, they are able to recognize certain objects such as shoes, wall outlets, stools and … animal excrement! Better still, the system is improving day by day, and the database is getting richer.

Roborock S6 MaxV: Two cameras, for more intelligence

These cameras therefore make it possible to avoid objects more intelligently, and not to have any nasty surprises when you return home. Level suction power, the S6 MaxV gains 25% thanks to the S6, which was already very efficient, but remains just as quiet with 67 dB on the meter.

Among the improvements, there is a larger water tank borrowed from the brand’s S5 Max. In fact, there has been a much better efficiency of the mop mode which allows an even more effective overall cleaning.

© Roborock

Like all previous models, it can be launched remotely, programmed, and even controlled if necessary. The Roborock application is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can launch the vacuum cleaner by voice, or integrate it into your routines.

Very advanced mapping

The strength of Roborock robot vacuums is their mapping management. On this S6 MaxV, we find the automatic parts mapping, which you can clean individually if necessary. In addition to this, this new version supports up to 4 floors. If it does not (yet) go up the stairs, it can be very useful for cleaning several floors of an office for example. From the first cleaning, the laser rangefinder and cameras allow you to map your accommodation. It is the first model of the brand to have a Qualcomm processor, for faster analysis.

Autonomy level, we are always on the very top of the range with a full charge which lasts 3 hours in silent mode. In other words, you can clean an area of ​​250 m2 when the S6 MaxV is at 100%. On speed, we noted one minute per m2 in standard mode.

When the robotic vacuum cleaner detects an object, a photo is taken (and stored locally), so you can know where it is. This function has also been designed to avoid bad adventures, such as shredding a power strip. In the application, you will see what type of object has been recognized, and if the vacuum cleaner does not know it, it simply avoids it. Perfect to avoid unpleasant surprises.

It is Roborock’s most advanced robot vacuum cleaner, and it is set to improve day by day with the progression of integrated AI and the Qualcomm processor. For its launch, it is offered exclusively at Boulanger, at a price of € 649.