A few days after the deployment of Reels by Instagram , now YouTube is preparing to compete directly with TikTok with a new video format.

The current scheme strangely resembles that of Snapchat a few years ago. When Snap presented its stories in 2013, this format quickly became an undeniable success. In the space of a few months, giants such as Instagram hastened to copy it to import it on their platforms. Today, all the social networks that we use daily use stories, even LinkedIn and soon Twitter.

The success of TikTok is such that the pillars of the sector such as Instagram and therefore YouTube must react. This reaction does not go through an innovation, but once again through format plagiarism. The Google-powered video platform is said to be working on a whole new feature that would allow users to record and edit 15-second videos. This duration is exactly the same as that proposed by TikTok and more recently by Reels.

As on TikTok and previously Vine, the user can press and hold the record button to record his video, or release it to stop recording while changing scenes. This process can be repeated endlessly as long as the editing takes 15 seconds.

This new feature should, however, disturb YouTube content creators, since videos longer than 15 seconds can no longer be recorded via the application. You will first need to have the video in your gallery to be able to upload it via your smartphone. Even if nobody really uses their smartphone to upload and still shoot a video on the platform.

For the moment, that’s all we know about the potential features present with this new format. We don’t know if there will be music options, AR filters, and other effects. A YouTube spokesperson concluded by explaining, We are still trying to find ways to help people find, watch, share and interact more easily with the videos that matter most to them.” We are testing a few different tools to allow users to discover and create short videos. This is one of the many experiences that we’re doing on YouTube all the time, and we’ll be looking at expanding functionality based on feedback from those experiences. ”