A brand new report released by WABetaInfo reveals something new about WhatsApp. Indeed, the instant messaging service belonging to Facebook plans to integrate new features such as the integration of animated stickers and a new functions such as the possibility of easily searching for a message according to its date.

But the real novelty long awaited by users is the integration of animated stickers. Indeed, WhatsApp chats can sometimes be a little too bland and thanks to this feature, they should find a little flavor. For users of beta version on Android and on iOS, they can already take advantage of this feature.

For the moment, the integration is still shaky, but should stabilize in the coming days, and we hope to arrive on the final versions soon. For the moment, users with access to the stickers benefit from 5 packs: Rico’s Sweet Life, Moody Foodies, Chummy Chum Chums, Playful Piyomaru and Bright Days.

As we said, some settings are missing for the integration to be perfect. For example, to date the stickers only come to life once when sent. Thereafter they should come to life in a loop. Once these settings have been made, WhatsApp can then start to deploy this update on stable versions.

WhatsApp is constantly innovating and draws a lot of inspiration from Asian models. Last week, WhatsApp formalized the launch of its payment service to simplify payments and help bring more businesses into the digital economy, opening up new growth prospects.” Currently, this feature is only available in Brazil, but is expected to quickly spread around the world.