For months, streamers from all over the world have protested Twitch for its lax attitude towards harassment and other (sometimes sexual) abuse committed on the platform. However, despite the large number of complaints, Twitch took a long time to take the situation seriously and to condemn these acts. Recently, the Amazon-owned platform has been chasing non-royalty-free content, but now seems to have regained a sense of priority.

Twitch’s reaction

In a blog post published last night, the platform explains this: We have given priority to the most serious cases and we will immediately start issuing permanent suspensions based on our conclusions“. This reaction comes after many weeks of complaints, and some influential streamers have even supported #TwitchBlackout to show their disagreement with the platform. This movement followed by many streamers aimed to not launch live all day yesterday.

If such a decision makes these streamers lose money, it also causes Twitch to lose a great deal of money. Following this episode, Emmett Shear the CEO of Twitch, stopped laughing in the face of victims of harassment and decided to make real decisions to eradicate these malicious behaviors from its platform. Following this symbolic day of June 24, 2020, Twitch immediately responded with this press release in which we can read:

We take the accusations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior very seriously. We are carefully reviewing all of the streamer accounts on Twitch and working with law enforcement in some cases. We salute the courage of those who spoke out about their experiences, and pledge to work hard to make the community the safest for all. “

However, despite Twitch’s good intention, for many users and victims, this statement is still too little. On Twitter, many personalities and simple users have news of their anger and are asking much more from Twitch. The famous streaming platform that has managed to eliminate its competitor Mixer , must now present real acts to protect its users from this form of violence.