After Pokémon Snap a few days ago, the Pokémon Company is already announcing a new game, namely Pokémon Unite, to come on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

A few days ago now, the Pokémon Presents event allowed The Pokémon Company to formalize the return of the “Snap” license, initiated on Nintendo 64. This will materialize by the release soon of a New Pokémon Snap, on Nintendo Switch , which will again ask players to take great shots of Pokémon, through a safari for the less exotic.

Who put MOBA in my Pokémon?

Yesterday, as part of a new Pokémon Presents meeting, it was yet another Pokémon game that was formalized, this time developed in collaboration with the Chinese giant Tencent. A game called Pokémon Unite, which revolves around strategic combat in 5v5, and which will be launched on Nintendo Switch, but also on iOS and Android. Recall that Tencent is the source of many mobile games, including Arena of Valor or Call of Duty Mobile.

The Pokémon Unite game will be offered as a free-to-start” game , a game that is free to download, but which will obviously be riddled with micro-transactions. The good news is that the cross-platform is on the program, and players will be able to compete, whether they evolve on Nintendo Switch, iOS or Android.

On the gameplay side, Pokémon Unite takes up the main lines of MOBA, with a game that will take place in an arena, and in which players will have to cooperate to capture various objectives, in order to garner more points than the opposing quintet at the end of the allotted time. Obviously, it will be possible to gain experience for your Pokémon, in order to evolve it, and access new skills.

A brand new genre for the Pokémon saga, and a Unite episode that has no specific release date yet. Recall that in addition to these two titles (Snap and Unite), The Pokémon Company also unveiled the mobile games Pokémon Smile and Café Mix. Enough to make indigestion approach even the most loyal fans…