The Google Pixel 4 is the latest in the range of smartphones from the American manufacturer. It is recognized today as the best photo phone by far. It is obviously equipped with the Android operating system, and it has some very relevant features. In this Wednesday, Amazon offers a price broken on the price: the Google Pixel 4 drops to € 427 instead of € 769, or 44% discount .

The Pixel 4 was released less than a year ago, and it’s already shrinking. While Google hasn’t released a better phone since, it’s time to get the device for a significantly lower price. In the end, you can save almost € 350 on this phone even though it remains among the best in 2020. The value for money is crazy, you only have to be sharp enough not to miss this offer.

Why choose a Pixel 4?

The Pixel 4 is an excellent smartphone, although its battery is below our expectations. That said, our test of the Pixel 4 was very conclusive , and the photo offer that is offered by the giant Google is really impressive. While its price is around 400 €, it is better at the photo level than some cameras that exceed 1000 €. This is the case in both light and dark (night) environments. If you are looking for a phone to take very beautiful photos, this is clearly the Pixel 4 that you will have to take.

Furthermore, the Pixel 4 is a Google smartphone. Inevitably, it is also he who benefits from the latest updates to the Android operating system (which belongs to Google). You are therefore guaranteed to benefit from all the new products first, before the Android phones (sometimes more premium) which are marketed by other brands.

If the screen is not the brightest on the market, it remains very good and the refresh rate avoids any latency. If you use your phone very regularly, you will not suffer from a slowdown from one application to another, or from one screen to another. The Pixel 4 on sale on Amazon is a very good compromise for everyday use, you will not be disappointed.

This is all the more true as the price posted by Amazon at the moment for the Pixel 4 is very attractive. At just € 427, the Pixel 4 reaches a price it had never reached in the past. Whether during Black Friday, sales or French Days, the powerful smartphone has never been sold at this price. Now is the time to make this purchase, even though summer is a rather quiet period for discounts.

Why take it from Amazon?

Amazon offers a series of advantages that should not leave you indifferent when buying your Pixel 4. The first argument is obviously the price. It is reduced by 44% to only € 427. For comparison, the second best price for this smartphone is none other than from the merchant Cdiscount, where it is at 473 €. In other words, you can save more by taking it from Amazon.

The American merchant is obviously reputed to be very aggressive on prices, and this offer on the Pixel 4 is a perfect illustration. But beyond that, it is also the comfort of buying on Amazon that is a strong selling point. Ordering is very easy, as is delivery. If you are a Prime customer, you will be delivered in less than 24 hours.

Then you also get a 30-day trial period. During this time, you can try the product and convince yourself of it. It’s a good way to have security when buying a product online – which you haven’t necessarily tested before. With the Pixel 4, you can therefore test the product and make sure that its photo offer is as good as what we say. If you don’t like it, then you can return it and get a refund.