For the moment, it isn’t clear what number of active customers there are on TikTok. But what is obvious is that this social network TikTok which permits publishing short motion pictures using musical extracts has emerged as one of the main systems of the web. Despite its relative youth, TikTok is already one of the maximum downloaded platforms of the final ten years. And this year, the cell app also passed two billion downloads worldwide.

And due to the fact that TikTok has a very big audience, marketers are starting to take an interest inside the elements taken into account with the aid of the social network TikTok to suggest content. As a reminder, when you open the app for your smartphone, the first page you notice is the “For you” tab which displays motion pictures that the user is likely to like (films that don’t necessarily come from people followed). This tab “For you” of TikTok has the equal importance as the information feeds of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and the functioning of the set of rules of this defined tab with the intention to be the brand-new stars of the social community or which songs will make the buzz.

For the first time, in a blog post published this June, TikTok explains how this famous algorithm works. “This feed is fed by a recommendation system which provides each user with content likely to interest him,” we read in this post. Part of the magic of TikTok is that there is not a single For You feed – if different people can come across the same great videos, each person’s feed is unique and tailored to that specific individual. 

TikTok takes into account 3 sorts of data: consumer interactions (videos which you appreciated or shared, followed accounts, feedback in addition to content material created), facts about videos (including captions, hashtags or sounds used), in addition to consumer account and device settings.

But not all indicators have the equal importance. For example, the reality that you watched a video to the quit will weigh greater than the truth which you and the author of a video live inside the identical country. On the alternative hand, having lots of fans or having made the thrill with the previous films does no longer guarantee that your next content material might have the equal success. Indeed, in step with TikTok, it isn’t always a “direct factor” for the recommendation algorithm in the For You section.

So the more the user uses the application and the more they interact, the more the social network TikTok will be able to find the most relevant content in relation to its performance. And this algorithm does not only take into account interactions on the For You feed, but also actions such as hashtag exploration or sound exploration.

Otherwise, TikTok’s algorithm also has a mechanism which avoids redundancies and which favors the diversity of the displayed content. To make your feed interesting and varied, our recommendation system works to disseminate various types of content with those you already know. For example, you feed usually doesn’t show two consecutive videos made with the same sound or by the same creator. We also do not recommend duplicate content, content that you have seen before, or anything that is considered spam. However, you might see a video that has been well-received by other users who share similar interests,  says the platform.