To date, Spotify remains the undisputed leader (or almost) in the music streaming sector. However, this place is more and more complicated to keep, since other services offer more and more interesting features.

Until now, Spotify’s strategy has mainly been based on the quality and quantity of the content offered. Indeed, the Swedish giant has a huge catalog of songs arranged in an immense diversity of playlists. For the past few months, Spotify has taken a keen interest in the podcast format and is considering becoming the benchmark platform in this sector.

However, even if this strategy shows promising results, Spotify must also innovate in terms of functionality to maintain its leading position. Apple Music, the main competitor of the Swedish platform, has been offering the integration of video clips directly accessible from the platform for some time. Admiring this technology, Spotify could in turn offer a similar function.

For some time now, Spotify has been offering short videos in vertical format with the aim of bringing more interaction with the listener and to further illustrate a song. Spotify called this Canvas. Jane Manchun Wong recently tweeted that she had discovered a new feature that would look like a real video player.

If we were talking about Apple Music, it would seem that Spotify is more inspired by YouTube Music which has a lot of knowledge in this area thanks to its famous platform of the same name.

At the moment, we don’t yet know when Spotify plans to launch this feature, but it will be a welcome addition to the app, especially for those who prefer a visual music experience. In addition Spotify is not used to launching a new feature at random, we should expect a little more from the platform, the Spotify detail.

we assume video integration makes a natural addition for Spotify; it’s going to make the app entire and help it take on other players within the tune streaming segment, including YouTube Music, Apple Music.