Since its creation, Facebook has been constantly finding new uses, which means that regularly, new features of the social network compete directly with other sites or services. For example, by boosting its video functionality, Facebook has become a competitor to YouTube. And through its Marketplace platform, it is also a competitor of Currently, Facebook also offers a feature that can be reminiscent of the Pinterest platform: collections.

It all started with the social bookmarking functionality which, like similar functionalities, allows you to save content on the social network to consult it later. But later, Facebook allowed its users to organize these recordings in collections. And currently, it is even possible to create a collection and then invite friends to become a contributor. This can be useful, for example, when a group of friends is looking for a gift idea for someone.

Social network Facebook: the possibility of sharing these collection

The novelty is that Facebook would like to offer a new feature that will allow a user to share their collections with a wider audience. According to the TechCrunch site, Facebook has indicated that this novelty is currently being tested in the United States. It allows sharing collections as we would share a publication on the social network, with the possibility of making the content visible to friends, or in public mode (therefore, without any restrictions).

Currently, people would use this new feature to share collections of content on topics like cooking, education, health and wellness, and even information about COVID-19, with friends or with wider audiences. On Twitter, a user also shared screenshots of this new feature.

For the moment, it is not known when Facebook could offer this new functionality to all its users. But it is certain that this will generate new uses of the social network. The fact that Facebook seeks to build up its collections could also have a link with ambitions in e-commerce. As a reminder, the company recently launched a series of features to support SMEs and very small businesses, including Shops, a new feature that makes it easy to get started in online sales.