Later this year, we should get the consumer version of xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform that will withstand public testing during its beta phase. However, while it currently runs on Xbox One hardware, all indicates the servers will be upgraded to Xbox Series X in 2021.

This will effectively enable Xbox One games to be upgraded to the streaming service, as well as any Xbox Series X games that might be added to its library.

Furthermore, sources told The Verge that Microsoft is also preparing to add PC server blades to the backend hardware, to display PC games accurately when xCloud is fully released.

It will incorporate Microsoft xCloud into Xbox Game Pass, the membership program that enables users to play more than 200 Xbox One games for a single monthly subscription. This could mean that members will also be able to stream them to mobile devices, in addition to downloading and playing them on an Xbox One.

Game Pass is widely suggested to be available on Xbox Series X as well, so it’s reasonable that some next-generation titles will be available on the platform, and with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also incorporating Xbox Game Pass for Mobile, all of the games in this scheme will also be accessible by adding Mobile server blades to the infrastructure.

We understand that Microsoft is still on track for a launch of xCloud on Android mobile devices later this year. Microsoft started testing xCloud on iOS earlier this year but admitted that due to some unspecified restrictions on the App Store, it can’t fully test its service on Apple’s platform. The software maker has tried to put pressure on Apple to change its App Store policies to allow xCloud to launch on iOS, but these negotiations are ongoing and it is unlikely that the service will completely launch on Apple devices later this year.