While Sony has just presented its future PS5, taking care not to reveal its new interface, on the Microsoft side, we should opt for continuity with regard to the UI of the future Xbox Series X. This is indeed what confirms Tom Warren, on behalf of The Verge.

The same interface for Xbox One and Xbox Series X

© Xbox

If the interface of the PS5 will be completely reworked compared to that of the PS4, on the side of Microsoft, it seems to have decided not to upset the habits of users. Indeed, Tom Warren published a tweet to “confirm” that the dashboard of the future console of Microsoft will be exactly the same as that of the current Xbox One.

The interface of the Xbox Series X could offer some minor changes, but the UI will be broadly identical, with however significant improvements in terms of speed and general performance. Recall that Microsoft sees its Xbox Series X as part of a global ecosystem, including the Xbox One. The fact of offering a similar interface is therefore not very surprising.

The same controller, the same games ?

Indeed, unlike Sony which is still very discreet about this, Microsoft has already indicated its desire to make future generations of consoles compatible, with games that will be released on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The interface of the Xbox One has evolved considerably since the launch of the console in 2013, a habit at Microsoft.

An announcement that did not fail to react to some players, who find it difficult to consider the Xbox Series X as a “new” next-gen console, given that the latter will offer the same games, the same controller, and the same interface. ” Recall that Microsoft should offer a video meeting to players next month, to respond to recent PS5 announcements.