Google has once again announced the end of support for applications developed for Chrome and Chrome OS. The firm relies on Progressive Web Apps to take over.

Google Chrome is known for its many extensions offered on the Chrome Web Store. This same store also offers the download of “Chrome Apps” which played an essential role in the launch of Chrome OS.

Since then, the web has evolved, and Google announces today that Chrome Apps will be able to retire. The firm had already announced the end of these applications in 2017 , but today goes further with a detailed calendar.


On the Chromium blog, Google announces that the end of support for Chrome Apps will be progressive until June 2022. Specifically, Google will stop accepting new apps in March 2020 , and then cut support for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux in June 2020.

The end of support for applications on Chrome OS is scheduled for June 2021 for the public, a year later, at the same time as the historical APIs used to develop these applications (NaCL, PNaCL, PPAPI).

In June 2020, support will stop for everyone on all OS, even businesses.

Google has set up a dedicated page on the Chrome site to explain to developers how to switch to the new solution: Progressive Web Apps.

Progressive Web Apps are, as their name suggests, applications based on web technologies, so it is a standard. Samsung and Microsoft are also supporting this project and several services like Twitter already offer a PWA. Afraid to see a potential competitor to its App Store, only Apple still slows down the process with support for the moment limited PWA in iOS and Safari.