The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 should soon be launched, and thanks to our collaboration with Steve from @OnLeaks, we have some details about the device to reveal to you. The Galaxy Tab S7 has been leaked several times, but Steve’s source has confirmed its dimensions and other details we are telling you about today.

Dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The Tab S7 will be around 253.7 mm long, 165.3 mm wide and 6.3 mm thick. This makes the device slightly larger than the 2020 11-inch iPad Pro model in some ways, and also thicker than Apple’s flagship tablet. The Tab S7 is even thicker if you include the camera module on the back, which increases the thickness to 7.7 mm.

In addition, the Tab S7 is also slightly larger than the Tab S6 released last year. The dimensions of this device were 244.5 mm x 159.5 mm x 5.7 mm. Thus, Samsung has considerably increased its thickness, and we may wonder what is the reason.

Design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

That said, the company maintains the same philosophy as before regarding design. The facets are quite thin and seem to have a completely metallic casing. There are antenna lines around the top and bottom of the back of the tablet, and the Samsung logo placed on the bottom back of the device, parallel to the camera module. Ultimately, from a design point of view, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 looks like the iPad Pro in some respects.

The main difference seems to be the fact that Apple has chosen a more square shape, while Samsung has chosen a more rectangular appearance. It might make sense that Android tablets are more suited to entertainment than productivity, while iPads are intended to replace laptops to a large extent. A rectangular screen looks more like a phone when watching a movie.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Technical characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

The new tablet has an 11-inch screen and two rear cameras. There is also a flash module under these two cameras. To be honest, the third hole could be a camera module, but it is very unlikely that Samsung will place three cameras on a tablet. After all, tablets aren’t really designed for taking photos and this time, the front camera has been moved to the left facet, which means that it will be at the top when you use the tablet in landscape mode. There is of course a stylus, which technically sits just above the Samsung logo on the back.

A recent leak in the Chinese 3C database had indicated that the tablet would have a 7760 mAh battery but whith this tablet is likely to go the distance, at least when it comes to battery life.


Other rumors and leaks suggest that the Galaxy Tab S7 will also support 5G connectivity, at least in the United States and Europe. Tab S7 and S7 + are scheduled to launch in July this year. There is no confirmation yet on their price, but Samsung generally sells them around $ 650 to $ 700.