When you’re not vigilant today, you are receiving a slew of unwelcome alerts from a lot of websites. Not only does Microsoft Edge have the right to block them but also to mask them.

To learn how to do this, follow our step-by-step Guide.

Microsoft Edge: How can I get rid of website notifications?

1 .Open the Microsoft Edge browser, from the top right corner, click on the three horizontal dots, and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

website notification

2.Next, click from the left pane on the Web access option, and then from the right on the Updates option.

Web access option

3.Now you have two options: simply turn off the Ask before sending option to block notifications altogether. Switch on Silent Message Requests, to calm down the alerts.


Of course, if you change your mind about this and you really need those notifications, you can always go back and change them to suit your needs.

How can I block notifications from websites selectively?

If you don’t want to silence the notifications or block all the notifications, there is a third option, blocking only the notifications from some sites.

Do this by pressing the Attach button from the Block option in Microsoft Edge as seen in the picture below, and then pasting the connection into the new window.


Only the notifications from the selected websites are blocked this way. If you change your mind, simply click on the three dots you blocked from the website and select Allow or Delete, we hope you find this guide helpful.