According to a new report, Google is leading the browser market in 2020. The popular search engine giant browser recorded a new high for the fifth straight month with a new high of 69.8 percent market share.

The report was published by Net Applications, an analytics firm based in California , USA. The browser market share held by Chrome was only achieved by Microsoft’s then signature browser, Internet Explorer, which held a 70 % market share back in 2008. So if Google’s Chrome manages to break past the 70 percent mark, it’d be the third browser to ever do that.


Microsoft is not out of the picture yet either. The company’s Edge browser has been gaining popularity over the last few months.

By 2021, Microsoft Edge is projected to gain a market share of 10.3 per cent by its current growth rate. Another popular contestant, Mozilla Firefox, with a  market market share of 7.2 percent as of May 2020. Although its growth rate has been relatively flat in recent times. So, at this current rate, it seems that Google will continue to dominate the market until some new players appear and disrupt the market.

Elsewhere in Net Applications data, both Apple’s Safari and Opera ‘s Opera software remained flat, finishing May at 3.9 percent and 1.1 percent , respectively.

Net Applications calculates share by detecting the agent strings of the browsers used to access the Net Applications client websites. The company counts visitor sessions to measure browser activity.