Google is working hard to make Google Meet better, according to findings from 9to5Google in the application’s code, which Google is developing to blur the background for its video conferencing tool.

Strings related to background blurring were discovered on Google Meet version 41.5 , suggesting that the application may soon support this feature. Google brought in a background blur function called Portrait Mode for its Duo calling app last year.

Unsurprisingly, Google Meet will soon have background blur. In fact, even with this addition, the company still lags behind competing video conferencing tools in this respect. Zoom and Microsoft Teams have provided sophisticated mechanisms to blur or select custom backgrounds.

While the announcement states that the feature will be available in the mobile version soon, users can expect that the company will support the feature for the web version soon as there is speculation that Most business-oriented online meeting applications are usually web-based.

G Meet has seen an increase in usage since the company made its service available to everyone with its Google account. In fact, the app recently surpassed the 50 million download mark on the Play Store, a huge leap from 5 million downloads in early March.

The company also started deploying Google Meet integration with Gmail last month. That allows users to easily access GMeet from the left panel in Gmail . Under current circumstances, users expect Google to bring this extremely essential background blur to GMeet as soon as possible to organize distracted online meetings and be more effective.