The Netflix movie store will soon begin work to purify its user subscriber list by automatically deleting all accounts that have been inactive for 2 years or more, if you have a Netflix account but have not used it. It’s been a long time, so check your email because you may have received a notification from Netflix.

Netflix announces that it will automatically cancel all accounts of people who have not signed in to the service for a long time. According to the company: “What we don’t want most is that users have to pay for something they don’t use.”

Starting this week, Netflix will email subscribers who haven’t viewed any content on the platform to confirm whether they still want to maintain an account. If users do not confirm that they want to continue making payments, Netflix will automatically cancel their subscription. Of course, all those who have their accounts deleted can still register again at any time. In addition, if you subscribe to Netflix again within 10 months after being canceled, your favorites, profiles and some other information will remain the same.

According to Netflix, the new policy will not affect their revenue in any way. That’s because inactive accounts account for only a very small fraction of their total subscribers. Moreover, less than half of their total accounts are inactive at the moment. At the end of the quarter ending March 2020, the company reported a total of 182.9 million accounts globally, marking a 22% YoY growth.

Regarding its new policy announcement, Netflix for “We always thought it was easy to register and unsubscribe. Therefore, as always, anyone who cancels their account and then re-registers within 10 months will retain the same entries. “preferences, profiles, viewing options and account information. Meanwhile, we hope this new method will help people save some of the money they’ve worked hard to earn.”