Clearing browsing history on Chrome not only helps to keep your personal information secure, but also cleans temporary data that is useful in some instances when unexplained errors appear in the browser. You can access your favorite websites, you can’t display images, you can load long …

Each time you use Chrome to access the internet, Google Chrome will remember all of your browsing data and sometimes it’s inconvenient. You don’t want anyone to know what you’ve been doing, you can proactively delete the history on Chrome’s latest edition, and the steps you need to take are also very easy.


-Download Google Chrome new version for computers, laptops here: Download Chrome
– See how to make Chrome the default browser on your computer here.

To delete the history of the new version of Chrome on your computer, follow these steps:

Step 1: First, you can check the browsing history by clicking the icon three dot upper right corner of the Menu -> History (History) – > History (History).

You can open it quickly by pressing the keyboard shortcut combination: Ctrl + H

browsing history

Step 2: Here, you will see the most recent access history. To delete any page, just tick the page and then select Delete .

Step 3: Confirmation dialog box, select Delete to proceed

dialog box

In addition, you can choose to delete the entire history, or browsing history in a certain time period.

Still in the History tab, you choose to Clear browsing data .

 Clear browsing data

In the new window, you can select a time to delete history, such as 1 hour, 24 hours, 7 days ago …

delete history

Click Clear data to start cleaning. Deletion time may be longer if you choose to delete all web access data.

Clear data

So has instructed you on how to delete browsing history on Google Chrome, hopefully after this article can be helpful for you to master your browsing information.

Additionally, if you do not want Chrome to save your browsing history, as well as don’t want to waste time clearing browsing data on computer. You can set up default incognito mode on Chrome  and then use the web browser in this mode.