Gmail is one of the world’s most common email providers, helped by the fact that it was one of the first to integrate neatly with various cloud services. It undoubtedly plays a central role in your computer life so it will be super-handy to have it available as a mobile device.

To quickly access your Gmail mailbox, you can refer to how to bring the icon to your desktop, the computer screen to provide a shortcut to access Gmail outside of your computer’s desktop screen, through which you don’t need to take any extra time to reopen your browser and accessing it.

Why do you want the G mailbox icon to be placed on the desktop? Surely when you sign up for it and use it right, you enjoy the ease and pace too? If you would like to do this work, please refer to the steps below for more information.

How to get the Gmail icon onto your screen

Step 1 : In the address bar, type  chrome://apps /

Step 2: Next, you right-click on the Gmail application and select Create icon / Create Shortcuts..

Create Shortcuts

Step 3: Here you need to note the following 2 options.

Desktop / Desktop: Bringing the icon to the desktop

Pin to taskbar / Pin to taskbar : Click the icon on the taskbar



Either of the above methods offer users fast access, to make the appropriate choices depends on your needs.

Step 4: Final result

Final result


In addition, the above approach can be extended to all other Google Chrome applications, and not just Gmail. From now on, just click the gmail icon on your desktop to be able to log in to gmail.