This Envy 17 signed HP is the ideal candidate to replace your old couple computer, consisting of a tower and a screen. It displays solid, beautiful lines, and it is proposed at a very attractive price… for a large model. As a reminder, the Envy in HP, they are nomads, sexy, who offer a good level of power and equipment, without draining your bank account. This is particularly the case with the largest of them, this model is 17 inches, which, contrary to what you might think is not the more expensive the vintage 2020.

Available starting from 949 euros, the Envy 17 adopts a standard format, without contorsionnisme as its cousins, the hybrids. It is distinguished by addition of the mass of the other Envy because it offers a screen diagonal unconventional in this type of ranges say Premium ! And it might well be emulated. Particular from Dell as an XPS 17 could be launched in the coming weeks, according to some persistent rumours. The great PC try, once again to the fashion for this new decade ? This would not be displeasing to us, especially if they are also successful – on paper – that this Envy

The Envy 17, a specialist in versatility

Thick only 1.9 cm according to HP, the case of this 17-inch consists of an aluminum alloy, silver anodized and whose touch is slightly satin. A finish that is found on the entire range Envy of 2020, on the back of the screen to the plate of the keyboard. Keyboard, which, of course, is backlit, and is adorned with a beautiful keypad traditional. Not to mention the fingerprint sensor hidden near the space bar. Not commonplace.

As soon as we deployed the big screen, the tray elevates slightly to a more comfortable typing. Side screen also, the black frame of the slab Full touch HD (4K option) wants to be discreet enough. If he had been able to be even finer, it would also have been nice as well, it must be recognized.

Under the keyboard, HP chooses to trust the latest processors Ice Lake to Intel, the chips etched by 10 nm. Among the references are the most powerful in the menu is the Core i7-1065G7 (4 cores / 1.3 to 3.9 GHz), which is supported by 12 Gb of memory (8+4) DDR4. Unfortunately, the modules are advertised as welded to the motherboard without the possibility to expand capacity. Damage.

To address this need, HP is placing on the memory Optane Intel, presents up to 32 Gb in some configurations. It will be a boost to the whole system by supporting and in some cases the memory DDR4, sometimes the cache of the SSD. SSD that can be offered up to 1 Tb of capacity.

As there is room in the enclosure, HP slips a graphics card dedicated Nvidia inside. On the few examples of designs that we have been able to see, it is a GeForce MX330, nothing more than a MX250 discount to the taste of the day. What to play a little bit, from time to time, but without too much pretension. To play full, it will turn to the Envy 15-inch raw 2020 (see box)

HP Envy 17
HP Envy 17

Moreover, it is surprising that HP does not offer at least a GTX 1660 on this 17 inch. This is a graphics card that is ideal for this size of machine and for the uses that we expected. In short, it may be the only big weakness of this 17 inch. For the moment, HP France has not been able to tell us when the Envy 17 (and its little brothers) would be available in France.

The Envy 15, the lethal weapon HP to create

HP has a very long dwelt on the Envy 15 when it was announced. It is simple, it is the machine the more high-end of this new batch, proposed from 1430 euros. Equipped with a 15-inch screen, certified DCI-P3 100%, calibrated in the factory and the same version available OLEDS (up to 4K), it is above all thought for the creators. It benefits the effect of components that are very powerful, such as the latest processors Intel Core i9 Comet Lake-H or a GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q which, in the present case, can be both a weapon design and game massive. The whole is cooled by an innovative system, the steam chamber, to maximize the dissipation and, according to HP, limit the excitement of the fans. The storage is provided by SSD, which may even be proposed in RAID 0 depending on the settings of the machine.

For the rest, of the range Envy 2020, we do not know the prices of the different models : 830 euros for the Envy 13 and 999 euros for its hybrid version (Intel for both). The 15-inch is available in three models : in his hybrid form, it is sold from 900 euros with components from AMD and 1100 euros), equipped with Intel.