Apple has discussed this development on better battery, which will be operated with macOS 10.15.5. The brand is now very transparent on this point, which has become difficult since the case of the iPhone slowed down in 2017.

Apple now walks on eggs when it comes to batteries. The company has just communicated on the change in the management of their load that it will operate with the next update 10.15.5 of macOS.

On its website, the brand explains that with the future version of its operating system, all its MacBook equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 port (all Pro models since 2016 and Air with Retina screen) will benefit from a new mode charging intended to preserve the lifespan of their batteries.

Analysis of habits to avoid battery aging

Concretely, the system will analyze the usage habits of the machine and the temperature history to optimize the lifespan of the lithium-ion battery. This technology effectively ages faster when the batteries are constantly recharged to 100%. This new management will therefore avoid charging them fully to slow down the chemical aging of the batteries.


This system is ultimately very close to what has already been implemented on the iPhone with the arrival of iOS 13 . This functionality can be deactivated by the user who wishes to enjoy optimal autonomy. Indeed, with this principle, the time of use of the MacBook until its complete discharge will be reduced since its battery will no longer be systematically recharged to 100%.

Apple is now clearly communicating the changes made to the battery management of its devices. In 2017, the brand had made a modification on its iPhone without the users’ knowledge , slowing down the functioning of those whose battery was aging to preserve it. This resulted in numerous complaints … which prompted the company to put in place a battery replacement offer at a reduced price.