The Aorus 17 IS Gigabyte‘s boxing in the category of “heavy weight” of the gaming machines. This is one of the competitors posted very massifAlienware Area 51-m Dellou of atypiquesHelios 700etTriton 900 Acer to name but a few. A template of 17.3 inches and a weight of 3.83 pounds, a thickness of 4 cm, and components monstrous, able to run AAA games of the time with a disconcerting ease. Not to mention, a screen ultra-fast and to the colorimetry of a surgical precision. Here is a summary of the promises made by this PC, which is portable as the name (and the form).

Several versions of this Aorus large model are available, the one we are testing here is the target price of 4000 euros. A straw. The Gigabyte Aorus 17 IS embodies the spearhead of the range of laptops for the players of the taiwanese brand. All of the codes for the gaming are being applied : plastic, black, thick, a palm rest and a dos screen wire material, the brand logo is clearly visible and the LED strips to the rear and to the front of the machine. They can change color at will, just like the keys on the keyboard.

These keys are lightly carved, and are of type semi-mechanical OMRON. They offer a touch and make a noise akin to that of a mechanical piano, but not the race. This one is shorter. It takes a little time to get used to but then it is difficult to pass. We thank Gigabyte for having kept a traditional keyboard, where everything is in its normal place as it has become very rare in recent times.

Just above the keyboard, by the way, we saw another group of LED. It can be programmed through the software house to give different information for the player. Load of the CPU or the GPU or even indication of the temperature in the enclosure, these are not the functions that are missing. A bit of a gimmick ? Yes, but we are in the world of gaming after all.

Gigabyte firewall this Aorus connection complete. An SD card reader, two audio jacks backed by a DAC (Sabre) and six USB ports in all. Three are full-size and two of them are situated at the right side (red card !).

A screen lightning fast and the color just

Let’s move on to the screen. Edges purposes, a slab Full HD matte… it’s a good start. Gigabyte has had the good idea to position the webcam at the bottom under the name of the brand, it is malignant. The Aorus hit especially a big hit with the refresh rate of the screen : 240 Hz. The image renews itself 240 times per second in games. Giant ! Fans of FPS online are going to be met, the fluidity will be at its peak. Fans of DOOM Eternal will also find their account since it is known that this title can take advantage of the slabs at high frequencies.

If the refresh rate is impressive, the brightness and the contrast are much less. Ouch. We measured 280 cd/m2 on average with maximum peaks of 285 cd/m2 on the right side of the screen. Here, it is not able to obtain the average according to our grading scale.

The contrast ratio rises to 979:1 but the depth of the black is uneven over the entire surface of the screen. In the centre and top right, it is good. But in the bottom right and on the left side, it is very average. The homogeneity is, therefore, really not satisfactory, we have calculated 0,059 (the more one is close to 0 absolute better).

Talk about finally colorimetry. Gigabyte certifies that its slab responds to the Pantone standard. This is the case. The colour fidelity is excellent, with a delta E measured at 1.24. The Aorus 17 IS becomes our new machine to (a)beat by the competition. In detail, however, we note that the blue hues dominate compared to red and green and the temperature is a bit below 6500K regulatory. But, for the rest, nothing to report. It is unfortunate that the brightness and contrast are not up to the height because we have been there on the screen… perfect.

Aorus 17 ARE: components of the thunder

For the (small) amount requested for Gigabyte, we can only expect to have the cream of the cream of the current components. The ultra-powerful Core-i9-9980HK and its eight cores are there, as is 32 Gb of ram DDR4, 1tb SSD and 2 Tb traditional hard drive. For the graphics, it’s Nvidia that has nothing less than a GeForce RTX 2080. As you say to play in Full HD, it is largely as it should be. You are quiet for a (very long) time.

In PC Mark 10, the Aorus (top in dark purple) sparkles and excels in all events. He can almost rise to the level of the Alienware Area 51-m and Triton 900 Acer, the undisputed leaders of the time.


In our games tests, this is also the number of frames per second. The Aorus generates several hundred in the titles of the oldest (276 on Dirt 3). On licenses that are already most recent, the bar goes down below 150 frames per second, but this is already huge (in orange top). In short, for the AAA two-to-three years to come, you’re guaranteed to see them move to the perfection. Your only concern will probably be deciding between a detail level “Very High” or “Ultra” for the vast majority of them. Hard.

It doesn’t heat up too much but he screams a lot

With this cocktail of powerful compounds, it requires a cooling system to the height. In the past, Aorus has not always been constant, but it seems that there has been significant progress made. It has to do is observe the size of the fans, and the number of copper pipes that traverse the bowels of the machine (see photo below).

First good news, the device is effective since the processor and the GPU does not lower their speed of operation, even after 20 minutes of intense stress. The Core i9 even manages to keep his mode Turbo operating but not at its highest level, it goes without saying (2.7 GHz vs. 2.4 basic).

We have made a few statements to thermal to the outside of the housing. Below, the mercury rises to 53.1°C where is concentrated the bulk of the circuit. Otherwise, it remains in the vicinity of 32.8°C (the room was 24.9°C at the time of our tests).

On the top, the palm rest will remain at 32°C when stressing the machine to the maximum. In the center of the keyboard, the thermometer climbs as fast enough, up to more than 40°C.

It ends with the acoustic measurements. Without too much surprise, he expresses strong bugger. Ventilation manages to make you forget when you watch videos, you work or you play games which requires little (HearthStone, retro gaming, etc). It does really not often and when it is active, the limit of 35.2 dB is not reached.

If you launch a game full of 3D textures, or that you encode of 4K video, the fans accuse the coup. It flirts with almost 50 dB. You will understand, for the small session of DoTA 2 or Battlefield V night, in our sole discretion, that the whole world is lying in the apartment, it is missed.

So many changes that a laptop Aorus can afford

In terms of scalability, the Gigabyte does as well as its competitors. It is possible to add a SSD format M. 2, or SATA, or NVMe, a second location is available. You will also be able to swap the SSD NVMe existing against another if necessary. Or even replace the hard disk by a SSD to 2.5-inch or a model of larger capacity, everything can be disassembled with a few twists of a screwdriver.

The ram is DDR4 is easily accessible also. With 32 Gb, you have time to see it coming. But as soon as modules of 32 Gb each will be more accessible and may be required by applications, be aware that passing will be possible.