It no longer CHERRY, very well-known and reputed for its switches and keyboards that make the delight of gamers everywhere, but CHERRY also distributes the devices to its brand.

So you find keyboards such as the KC 6000 Slim tested in the beginning of the year but also of mice, no less than 16 models have been proposed. This range extends from the mouse, desktop, ergonomic, with the model MW 8 Advanced notably, and thanks to its tilt limit, the fatigue of the wrist, but also models more gaming.
The model of the day is the MW 8 Advanced, it is a mouse-oriented mobility with a reduced format, 99 x 62.5 x 33.5 mm (L x w x H) and a weight of 92 g, well on the wireless connection of two protocols, Bluetooth 4.0 and radio in 2.4 GHz with AES encryption-128 for the USB dongle provided.

  • Probing: Optical Sensor: PixArt PAW3805EK-CJMU
    Track on Glass),
  • Resolution: 600 / 1000 / 1600 / 3200 dpi (switchable),
  • Number of keys: 6,
  • Model of the mouse wheel: Wheel to scroll,
  • Design: Symmetrical.

Level design and finish is rather good, a top in brushed aluminum to black color surrounded by a ring finish chrome-plated, just like the roulette also. The sides are made from rubber and decorated, they provide a good support.


The bottom of the mouse receives two strips of PTFE to encourage sliding, at this level, CHERRY said that it works on all surfaces, glass included. At the center of the sensor PixArt PAW3805EK-CJMU a maximum resolution of 3200 dpi, below a three position switch, stop, RF (Radio) and BT (Bluetooth), the button for pairing BT and finally the USB module of the radio, which is stored under the mouse, in a location that is magnetized, practice.
The USB connector for charging the internal battery is positioned on the front of the mouse, the cord is provided.

First thing, it is a mouse dedicated to the mobility and view of its size it is almost impossible to lay the palm of the hand on the mouse, unless you have small hands…
Mouse CHERRY MW 8 Advanced is equipped with two buttons on left side dedicated to the navigation, forward and back, although it is symmetrical it is more of a right-handed person, the thumb is generally used for the maneuver.

The roulette wheel allows vertical scrolling progressive-but it serves as a button, it allows a faster scrolling both vertically and horizontally, the sensor sensitivity is adjusted on the fly by the button under the roulette, a LED confirms the setting, a blinking to 600 dpi, 2 to 1000 dpi, 3 to 1600 dpi and finally 4 to 3200 dpi.
The functioning of this mouse is powered by a battery 550 mAh, the battery life is advertised at 70 days but it all depends on the frequency of use, in sleep mode it consumes only 0.3 mA and 10 mA in operation. The load indicator is based on the LED diode in the button of the dpi, if it is flashing rapidly it is time to charge the battery, this charge is sent through the USB cable charging supplied, the mouse is still useable while it is charging but always through one of the two wireless transmissions.
The slip is comfortable, we prefer a very smooth surface or textile, we have tested it on different media with no problems, the roulette wheel makes scrolling quite flexible, but it is not adjustable.

Remember, that it is a mouse office dedicated to the mobile and/or projection of presentation, for example, there is no question here of gaming, because the latency is high.

This CHERRY MW 8 Advanced has the main disadvantage of its advantage is the compactness, this is not unique to this mouse of course but it is quite tiring in the case of use very extended, because the input position for large hands is not ideal, but we repeat again all the mice say “mobile”

Level design is rather appealing, the materials used are of very good level, no noise has been removed, the bundle is complete, a small pouch delivered to protect and easily slide into the bag of the laptop.

The two modes of wireless connections are supported, convenient because you can benefit from this mouse, possibly on two different devices.
However, it only works with wireless even in the case of charging.
The sale price is 50 euro about, but it is possible to find at least 42 euros, this price is correct compared to its benefits.

The + The –
  • Design and manufacturing quality,
  • Double connection wireless,
  • Compatible with various surfaces,including glass,
  • Good battery life,
  • Only works wireless