Big brother of the Surface Laptop 3 13 inches, edition of 15 inches, a format unprecedented at Microsoft, includes all the lines, but… bigger. At its launch in October 2019, Microsoft had placed the emphasis on the model equipped with a processor Ryzen AMD. A chip that has been specially developed for Microsoft and its machine. And especially the first processor to be able to boast of having driven Intel out of the Surface of the last generation.

Surface Laptop
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Well, not completely. A model Intel of the Surface Laptop 3 15-inch exists. It targets professionals, although it is possible to buy it without concern on the Microsoft site and in the trade. Also, a few days ago,we proposed a duel between the Surface Laptop 3 15 inch sub AMD (tested here), and its equivalent in Intel. Also, many of the points discussed in this previous article will not be repeated here to avoid repetition.

The model AMD that we have received, is proposed to 2300 euros and adopts the black finish is clean with some Surface. She is very beautiful, but is just as prone to scratches than that of the Surface Pro 7. Take care of it, especially if you are planning to take a trip. Because, contrary to what his size may suggest, this laptop can go on the road with you. Its weight is 1.5 kg, to which is added 290 grams of the adapter, and its thickness contained 1.65 cm are not at all excessive. These values are quite similar to those of a few PC ultra-portable recent.

From working outside the home or office is possible… but don’t expect to do it all day away from any power outlet. Our endurance tests are formal : self-video as multi-purpose use, this Surface Laptop 3 15 inch does not exceed 5: 45. He then takes 35 minutes to charge to 50% and almost two hours to do the full.

Keyboard, touchpad and connectors : no doubt, it is a Surface

Surface forces, Microsoft has not been able to help put a touch screen on its great Laptop 3 to 15 inches. We couldn’t used a single time, the format of the device is not appropriate not really. We have not even had the reflex to put a few fingerprints on the glass brilliant.

In daily life, we have preferred by far to use the touchpad or an external mouse, connected to one of the USB plugs for the work of clarification. Side keyboard, we find the same pattern as that of the Surface Laptop 3 13-inch. The keys are nice, not too noisy, well-proportioned, and brightly backlit (intensity variable).

Surface Laptop

We were talking about the connectors, please be aware that, like the Surface Laptop 3 13 inch, the 15 is quite reduced. Two USB sockets one of which is Type-C (video output) and a headphone jack are on the left.
On the right, there is the location for the proprietary power connector. It is a pity that Microsoft is not passed to the food by Type-C. May-be it at the appointment on the next generation.

For connections, it will be Wi-Fi mandatory and do not expect to find a module that meets the standard 6 on the platform. Microsoft has to settle on a model Wi-Fi ac (Wi-Fi 5), compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.

To appeal to a power supply in a standard format is, frankly, a shame, especially as the energy needs of the machine are not very important : 59,4 watts maximum intensive operation compared to 7.7 watts at rest, Office for Windows 10 displayed on the screen. A model in the form of a big electrical outlet was surely possible, not ?

15 inch Surface Laptop 3 lacks a bit of brightness

The large 15-inch screen that preserves the aspect ratio 3:2 and is emblematic of the range Microsoft Surface. Thus, images are displayed in 2496 by 1664 pixels, a definition which is quite unusual. Applications the oldest or rigid interfaces will be hard to tame.

However, such a frame size allows you to display two windows working, side-by-side, without that their legibility is impaired. We appreciate it.

The technical benefits of slab 15 inches are average, but no more. We have identified a maximum average of 379 cd/m2, with peaks up to 392 cd/m2 in the center and larger values on the right-hand side of the screen. Anyway, the current average is above 400 cd/m2.
The contrast ratio, for its part, rises to 1518:1 which is a very good result. The overall homogeneity of the screen is to 0.016, which places it among the best students of the time.

It ends by colorimetry. The Surface Laptop 3 15-inch is advertised as “key to everything” by Microsoft. It would be suitable both for lovers of office productivity applications as retouching of images. And although they rejoice, the Delta E of the screen is 2.55. The observance of colors is to be largely ensured, the blue, however, remains dominant compared to red and green.

A first trial of 15-inch pretty conclusive

As mentioned in the introduction, it is an AMD processor who is at the controls. Etched by 12 nm, the Ryzen 7 3780U has been specially designed for the needs of the Surface Laptop 3 15 inches. It combines both the hearts of pure calculation and hard (4 cores/8 threads) and the units dedicated to the graphics (Radeon RX Vega 11).

This chip APU enlisted the services of 16 Gb of memory DDR4, and the storage is provided by 512 Gb of SSD.

As we have shown in our duel, the Surface Laptop 3 15-inch AMD is much less comfortable than its competitor Intel. Except in 3D.

However, for a first test, the scores obtained by the platform are far from being shameful. Especially on the slope chart, where we expected the most the AMD chip. Let’s (again) clear, it is not a question of turning of the AAA, current, bottom, in the native resolution of the slab 15 inches. The Surface Laptop 3 15 inches is not a gaming machine, far from it.

Of course, if you call upon the power of the whole machine for a moment, the breakdown is going to happen. And the rise will not be gradual : it passes rapidly from 28 dB to 37.2 dB. Be aware-the.

Attention also to the heater. The AMD processor lowers its frequency to stay within the limits of its thermal envelope, as it sometimes tends to get carried away. However, it remains at 1.9 GHz instead of 2.3 GHz, which is a speed relatively acceptable for a chip that throttle.
On the case, the climbs of mercury concentrate in the machine, at the level of the hinge of the screen, and at the front, at the level of the two rows of keys of the highest. Spikes between 42,4 and 45°C have been recorded at these locations. You will have the hands and thighs are hot for the sprin.