Maybe the name Elgato doesn’t mean anything to you ? And yet behind this company lies a major Hardware player : Corsair. Evolving on several ranges of computer products, intended for office automation and gamers, the manufacturer relies on livestream with its brand Elgato. Elgato streaming boxes are now recognized for their performance and practicality, greatly simplifying the life of livestreamers in addition to offering them an abundance of features. After the Mini version, accessible, and the standard version, the manufacturer unveils its Stream Deck XL. This one, among other things, is accompanied by 32 buttons, promising a particularly extensive use. Overview of its performance, pros and cons.

As noted, The Stream Deck is primarily aimed at livestreamers, gamers capturing their video game sessions before sharing them with their community and the world. Holding both a streamer and a player role is not an easy task, however, because in addition to the concentration required, it requires mastering a number of features in real time.

This is where the Elgato streaming box comes in. Its 32 buttons provide access to shortcut functions, such as the launch of the live, the display of a showcase page (like a waiting page)or realize quick editing effects and live trim. And we only talk about the buttons, because the software also offers a lot of possibilities, as we detail them in our test of the Elgato Stream Deck XL. Note that outside of livestreamers, word processors can also see an interest in it, for example by programming keys to directly place formatting, or even pre-written sentences.

There is of course the user guide as well as the cable intended for charging. Some may be a little disappointed with the length of it, which will appear a little too short depending on the layout of your configuration. Practical idea: at the back, the case includes a storage space for the cable, to protect it and avoid carrying it around. Too bad, however, that it sometimes has to force a little to make it hold well once folded.

Its structure is quite impressive. Ergonomic, it incorporates the standards of compactness established by the standard and Mini versions. Of course, this XL streaming box is more voluminous due to the number of keys present, but we appreciate the efforts of the manufacturer to limit the space.

In addition to deploying a certain practicality, the machine is also accompanied by a solid body and called to last in time. The same goes for the very solid cable, which we imagine is not ready to make the soul so its robustness adapts perfectly to frequent use and storage. We also mention the quality standards of Corsair, which can be found here with perfectly successful finishes

It is a pity, however, that the same can not be said of the physical touches, which come in plastic. No impact on the use, of course, but on the aesthetic side, we would still have liked a slightly less “cheap ” effect for the price. Fortunately, this remains discreet enough that you will not pay any direct attention to it. To finish on this point, each button is accompanied by an LED, helping you to spot yourself and thus avoiding missclicks.

As you will have the pleasure to see, the software of the Stream Deck XL Elgato, in addition to being very supplied, proves intuitive to use. The screenshot below shows you more : from the home page, you can view the functions associated with the physical buttons and access the various features via the menus located on the left. These allow you to focus on specific aspects of the stream, such as screen capture or live commentary. It is also from these menus that you access all the management of the broadcast, for example to regulate the chat space and users, or to change the title of the current stream session.

In addition to the possibilities to which this material gives access, let’s focus a little more on the setting of the buttons. These are 32 and are programmable buttons, which means that you can associate them with the desired functionality (we then talk about macro buttons). It is also in this perspective that icons are customizable, and we must that this customization is welcome both in the fields of design and practicality. You can then choose the desired icon from the list of pre-existing Elgato icons or create it yourself.

On the community side, the Stream Deck can synchronize with your social networks, such as Twitter. Publication of a new post, follow-up of subscribers, display of the feed : their entire management is centralized in a panel that you access without further delay. In addition, the case synchronizes to the second with the changes occurring on the software. No doubt : reactivity and centralization are a real time saver for the user.

In addition, he also takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the machine, which he would not have thought of in the first place. For this purpose, the case is compatible with many software suites, such as Mixer and OBS. Of course, compatibility also extends to all Elgato products. On the operating systems side, this is also the case, from Windows to Linux to Mac OS. For the latter, however, users sometimes spot bugs that cause the app to close on its own. Hopefully this will be fixed quickly in an upcoming update !

Besides the features, as long as we are interested in the body of the machine itself, we are very fond of the robustness that emerges from it. The finishes are quality and the aesthetics elegant. For the price, we would still say goodbye to the plastic keys for something higher in the range, but rest assured : this is not likely to alter your experience !

If the configuration and use prove to be easier, it is more on the practicality and ergonomics of the machine itself that gains are possible. The somewhat short cable will not in fact be suitable for all situations, and we can regret at the same time that the space dedicated to cable storage is not better optimized to position it folded. We can only call for the arrival of a wireless Elgato box , which would allow these weaknesses to be overcome. Maybe it will be the manufacturer’s next innovation?