Among the high-end gaming chairs, Secretlab products stand out among the best. The brand unveils 4 ranges depending on the weight and size of users – Omega represents the most balanced. Both comfortable and practical, the gaming chair allows you to choose the covering as much as the style and color. Of course, at premium quality, high price, but is this justified? Let’s find out right now in this Secretlab Omega review.

Find below the main characteristics of the model that we are testing for you today.

Technical characteristics
Dimensions: 80 x 70 x 37cm
User size: Between 160 and 180cm
Maximum user weight: Less than 110kg
Personalization: 4D armrests and backrests (multi-tilt)
Upholstery: Choice of PU Prime leather, SoftWeave fabric, NAPA leather
Colors: Choice, with special editions
Cushions: 1 for the head, 1 for the lumbar
Guarantee: Up to 5 years

Practical and comfortable, this material is of excellent quality. Whether we talk about ultimate comfort, adjustment of the armrests and backrest in 4 dimensions or even durability, the advantages of the model are linked one after the other. This, so much so that it is very difficult to find any disadvantages to it… Admittedly, the chair deploys a rather important price considering the competition, but considering the top-of-the-range characteristics, the report quality-price is quite made attractive. A very good choice, that gamer as a follower of office automation will fully appreciate!

As soon as the package arrives (which takes between 4 and 7 working days, depending on the colors, special editions, etc.), we immediately note the high-end quality applied by the manufacturer. Each piece is carefully wrapped and protected, providing safe transportation. On our side, it also went off without a hitch.

Of course, the parts ordered depend on the choice of coating and color. On the first point, you have the choice between PU Prime leather (durability 4x superior to classic PU leather), SoftWeave fabric (invented and manufactured directly by Secretlab) and NAPA leather (that of racing cars!). This choice is the most important, and impacts durability, breathability and comfort as much as price. For the style, choose the color or the special edition you like, with the image of Overwatch, Game of Thrones or DOTA 2. On the editorial side, we stayed classic with the Prime 2.0 PU Leather in Stealth . On the user side file, there is the “Omega” logo on the front as well as the Secretlab brand at the top, both in golden color.

The assembly is relatively simple. As soon as you place an order, Secretlab sends you an email with assembly video and dedicated guide. You also benefit from more detailed online resources and, if necessary, you can contact support.

Remember to read the user manual carefully and to follow the safety instructions, especially when you get to mount the cylinders. Although relatively simple and quick (around 20 minutes), the assembly proves to be a bit complicated when it comes to fixing the backrest and the seat. When you are alone, the alignment of the metal fasteners with the holes provided for this purpose is difficult. We therefore recommend that you be with someone to mount the gaming chair safely.


After the visual pleasure, it is that of the touch that is fulfilled. Throughout the structure, the quality of the metal – the main building material – is present and gives maximum durability to the equipment. We can also see the confidence given by the manufacturer to his product, the chair being guaranteed for 3 years basic, and 5 years maximum. To take advantage of the two additional years, you simply have to share – on the social network of your choice – a public photo of your Secretlab Omega chair.

The coating, too, is of excellent quality. Standard PU leather is already more durable than other conventional artificial leathers, but the SoftWeave fabric offers greater resistance. Its breathability, in particular, ensures excellent thermal performance.

This is indeed a trademark of gaming chairs: allowing the orientation and the inclination of the armchair and the armrests, sometimes in 2 dimensions, sometimes in 3… Secretlab goes further and offers, thanks to multi-tilt, a customization on 4 dimensions. This concerns, moreover, both the backrest and the armrests. All your adjustments are of course controlled thanks to a “lock” system, allowing you, for example, to keep the desired angle of inclination. Note that you can push to a lying position, very useful for watching your favorite series or film!

Thanks to these different options, it is clear that everyone can find their account. However, some users may be surprised by the relatively fine padding of the armrests. These are therefore relatively rigid for optimal support, but some will certainly want a little more softness. However, this remains a very relative weakness in view of the many possibilities offered.

Let us finish with the fact that each adjustment, each movement that you make on the chair is accompanied by ultimate silence thanks to the gas cylinders of class 4. Resistant and reliable, they hold the duration perfectly and do not start to squeak at after some time of use.

Whether the chair is placed on a package, a PVC floor or even tiles, the aluminum wheelbase of the XL wheels offers perfect stability, in all circumstances. The chair is thus relatively immobile and allows you to remain in total control, always. The polyurethane constitution of the castors, like the rest of the chair, displays incredible strength, durability and reliability.

In addition to the settings and upholstery that we previously detailed, the gaming chair comes with two cushions, one supporting the lower back, the other serving as a headrest. Both consist of memory foam, so they deploy a comfort adapted to your morphology, without distortion over time. Regarding the headrest cushion, it benefits from a cooling gel pocket: in this way, your neck is constantly preserved.

To give a little more detail, the support cushions are here separated from the chair. The lumbar cushion is however integrated into other ranges of the manufacturer, for example for the Titan gaming chair. In this case, an adjustment mechanism is included to obtain the best position, depending on its maintenance and its morphology.

It is necessary to apply a certain number of preventive measures to preserve the durability of your equipment. Avoid sweating on the chair and do not be in bare skin contact, as body oils are quite aggressive. Maintenance depends of course on the coating, knowing that the manufacturer offers Premium cleaning products for leather and SoftWeave fabric. In any case, in case of splashes or stains, remember to react immediately and clean the affected area using a clean, damp cloth. Be careful with the SoftWeave fabric: do not spread it, or it will encrust all the more!

The best gaming chair? In our eyes, no doubts, the Omega from Secretlab is excellent in many ways. In addition to its hyper qualitative and durable Premium construction, it gives the user free choice of coating and color, for maximum customization. Whether you choose the very soft and comfortable SoftWeave fabric or the warm PU leather or NAPA leather, you will wrap yourself in a wonderful cocoon of softness and optimal support.

In addition to the choice of covering, the duo of cushions is added, for resting the lumbar and head. On this last point, the cold gel technology ensures relaxation and rest of your neck. And for ever more optimized comfort, the 4D constitution of the armchair allows you to adjust the armrests and inclinations in four dimensions, until you lie down.

The only criticism that we can finally address is the assembly of the gaming chair, perhaps a little too labeled as very simple while it may require, for some buyers, the presence of two people. In other words, past this one small criticism, there is nothing more to reproach him for, except the slight lack of padding for the armrests which may not be suitable for all. But this is mainly a matter of taste.

In view of the model’s performance and its rather controlled value for money, it is clear that the Secretlab armchairs stand out as the best gaming chairs of the moment.