After Asus and its horde of machines ROG, this is the other taiwanese very player in the market, which unveils its new models. MSI announces the arrival in the coming weeks 4 new laptops 15 and 17 inch, available in several configurations to meet the demands (and limitations imposed by the portfolio) of the players.

It is GE66 Raider, GS66 Stealth, the GE75 Raider and GS75 Stealth.

All of the machines whose number begins with a ” 6 “are laptops 15 inch, and 17 inch have their registration wear the number” 7 “. Their points in common ? On their motherboard can be found at the time of the latest Intel Core processors Comet Lake-H of the 10th generation (the Core i9-10980HK is on the menu) as well as a brand new GeForce RTX 2070 or 2080 Super in the format of Max-Q or classic.

The fight will be fierce on the market for MSI 15.6-inch

The two standard bearers of this new range are the GE66 Raider and Stealth. These PC portable 15-inch are so thin (between 1.9 and 2.3 cm), their lines are well marked but not too aggressive. The Raider plays the card of the LED to satisfy fans of games well-lit, the keyboard to the great band of light that travels through the housing.

The Stealth, for its part, is a true gear stealth, which is entirely black, the thickness of which is less than 2 cm and can as well be used at home or at the office. A little bit of color ? Yes, of course : the keys on the keyboard can be illuminated with a thousand lights.

In addition to the components Intel (up to Core i9 announced) and Nvidia (RTX 2080 Super Max-Q) as possible, the Raider and Stealth in the 15.6-inch will be available with different combinations of storage (2 locations Mr (2) and up to 32 Gb of memory DDR4. And, most importantly, their Full HD displays respective will be able to see their refresh rate up to 300 Hz.

The two models of 17.3 inch, GE75 Raider and GS75 Stealth, contain almost the same ingredients. Almost because, on the Stealth, the slab of 300 Hz is to be maintained but not on the Raider. You will have 240 Hz at best (and this is already good !). However, this model compensates for this loss in its own way as it will provide a RTX-2080 Super classic and therefore more powerful than the Max-Q of the Stealth.

The Stealth offers only two slots M. 2 for SSD. The Raider, he wants to be more complete, with not only 2 slots for M. 2 but, also, a cradle for hard drive or SSD in 2.5-inch form. The possibility of adding storage is always welcome, we appreciate.

For the moment, MSI has comminiqué that the price of the GS66 Stealth – from 1800 euro, for availability in mid-April, and the GE66, offered from 1700 euros.

Note to conclude that other PC portable MSI will gradually adopt the new Intel processors, without, however, changing the Nvidia graphics card (GTX series 16 or RTX series 20 classic). This is the GT76 Titan, GP75 Leopard (from 1500€), GL75 Leopard (from 1300 euros), GF75 Thin and GF63 and 65 Thin. (Prices updated 9 April 2020 at the request of MSI).