Gaming chairs are fashionable, a large number of brands offer them, they all have substantially the same presentation inspired by car racing seats. A comparison of the best gaming chairs has been carried out by us to help you find the seat that suits you.

Corsair recently launched a new gaming chair, the T2 Road Warrior. It completes the Corsair range of armchairs. I invite you to go see our tests and opinions on this model.

The constraints are multiple, a gaming chair must be comfortable for long play sessions and adaptable to all body types, for this Corsair has equipped its seat with multiple settings.

The Corsair T1 Race is the first armchair presented by Corsair, it is available in five colors black / black, black / blue, black / red, black / yellow and black / white. The T1 Race is predominantly black, only the sides of the backrest and seat are affected by the colors, which gives this seat a certain discretion but a certain sporty connotation.


This Corsair T1 Race rests on a steel structure and a seat and back in high density polyurethane foam (14 Kg / m³), ​​the base is made of plastic, the casters are encircled with nylon for better compatibility with floor coverings . The cylinder is a 100 mm class 4, the maximum admissible weight is 120 Kg.

As mentioned above, there are many settings, it starts with the seat height from 32 to 42 cm, the lever is under the seat on the right. The inclination of the backrest from 90 to 180 mm by the small lever on the right on the seat.
The tilting of the seat / backrest is also possible, a wheel positioned under the seat allows you to adjust the effort required for rocking, this function is lockable via the seat height adjustment lever, just push it towards the inside the chair.

The armrests with a carbon fiber finish can be adjusted in several directions, firstly the height of 28 to 38 cm, but also the advance or recoil and the orientation of these armrests relative to the seat, all the buttons are close at hand.

The upholstery is in polyurethane with several finishes depending on the location, the center of the seat and back adopts a classic leather finish, many stitching are present with a reminder of the color of the seat. The colored locations and the back of the backrest have a carbon fiber style finish.

The armchair is delivered with two cushions, one intended for the neck and the other for the lumbar, their positioning is done with straps to be positioned by the “passage of the harness” at the top of the seat.

The Corsair T1 Race is delivered disassembled three elements are to be assembled, the seat and the armrests, the backrest and the base, the accessories like the casters, the covers and the hardware are housed in small boxes.
The assembly is not complex in itself, Corsair has posted a video explaining precisely how to proceed.

First of all you have to mount the casters on the base, easy on the video but less in reality, you have to force a lot to position them in their locations that is finished with a hammer and an old screwdriver, there is no risk of lose them these wheels, that’s for sure.

The backrest is screwed on legs protruding from the seat, covers cover the fixing system, do not force too much to fit them under penalty of breaking fixing lugs (that’s it …), Corsair has planned a second set of covers in case, very good idea.

After the phase of essential adjustments we can enjoy our Corsair T1 Race gaming chair, after several days of intensive use we confirm the good level of comfort.

The seat gives an impression of clamping thanks to the two supports present on either side, here is typical of gaming seats for better immersion in the game, on the other hand if you are looking for a certain freedom of maneuver you may feel stuck.
For the backrest the impression is not the same especially if you use the additional lumbar cushion, the upper body is quite free the shoulders and the arms are free to move.

The nylon casters are perfect for preserving the flexible floor covering or the carpet, on the other hand there is only one caster per point of contact instead of two usually encountered, which can make the movements of the chair difficult.

It has been very hot lately, as much to say frankly the PVC coating increases tenfold this impression, there is not really aeration or absorption of this coating, we were forced to put a towel to mop perspiration. Advantage of this disadvantage, a blow of sponge is enough to make it like new unlike the textile where it is necessary to apply specific product without being assured of a good result, and I do not explain to you in the event of reversal of certain sugary drinks…
It is also a guarantee of durability, it is not likely to get old quickly over time unlike the fabric.

We can not give our opinion of course on a long use in time, the quality of the sacro saint jack and the foam filling is not judged in a few days, because it is often at this level that problems arise as well as games between the seat and the base.

Our impression is good, the expected level of comfort is present, the presence of additional cushions is welcome and allows you to quickly find the right position and change it just as quickly.

The quality of the materials and their finishes are at the rendezvous whether it is the coating or the base, the design is a matter of taste, each his own but nothing to complain about that of the Corsair T1 Race in blue version, at our level .

Advantage :

  • Style,
  • Comfort,
  • Quality of materials,
  • Many settings,
  • Additional cushions.

Disadvantage :

  • Casters difficult to fit, corrected
  • Less directional and maneuverable casters than classic models,
  • Armrest height a bit low.

Finally it is offered at 299.90 euros, it is not in the cheapest, it would rather be in the mid-range, it is a market already crowded with a multitude of brands, not easy to tell the difference.