Today, we are testing the latest devices from Corsair, the keyboard K57 RGB Wireless. If he is looking for his family relationship direct, one is tempted to go looked at the side of the K63, the first keyboard gaming wireless from the manufacturer. But this is not the place to turn to, because the latter uses mechanical switches and features a metallic finish, when the K57 RGB Wireless is stuck to the plastic. Look rather on the side of the K55, two figures near we must not fall far from the winner. And now we find ourselvesfacing the same design with the only noticeable difference, a wire is not removable.

To get started on the technical features, let’s look at the side of the platform. And that said platform K55, said membrane keyboard with backlight and RGB, but also said rate to be “reasonable” compared to a mechanical keyboard. Proposed at the price of€ 99.99, while its big brother wireless the K63 Wireless shows a price of 129,99€ for mechanical switches, but a retro-lighting … a single colour. It should be noted that the small K55, whose K57 sharing the design and a large part of its technical data sheet, displays a price of 59,99€.

The bundle includes a small quick start booklet, a micro-USB cable for charging the keyboard (or of possible use in wired), and a palm palms removable.

Just like its big brother K55, the K57 retains the 6 macro keys on the left side of the keyboard. It also retains the multimedia buttons with the buttons, “Mute”, “Volume +”, “Volume” but also the “Play/Pause”, “Stop”, “previous Track” and “next Track”. It is possible to switch the mode between the wireless 2.4 GHz and two Bluetooth connections via the “FN” key and pressing “F5”, “F6” and “F7”.

Under the keys, a plate translucent white diffuses light of the LEDs for an illumination more uniform. Of course, it is RGB is used to select a color from a palette of 16.8 million colors. A pity, however, that the multimedia keys, the button of management of the brightness, the key Winlock button and the MR (Macro Recording) are not equipped with LEDs…

The K57 (such as the mouse IronClaw RGB Wireless) has the advantage of connecting via both the bluetooth only with a wireless connection 2.4 GHz, but as said above, the presence of a micro-USB cable allows you to use the keyboard in wired mode. We can say that the manufacturer leaves us here the choice. Namely, to use the mode wireless to 2.4 GHz, it is necessary to go to remove the dongle connection cleverly hidden at the rear of the keyboard. Good point to avoid losing a dongle is so small ! It is also at the rear is the on/Off button and the charging port.

Under the keyboard, Corsair has taken care to install large rubber pads to ensure stability. As usual, it is possible to elevate the keyboard with two legs pivotables.

Side autonomy, Corsair announces 16h using the free 2.4 GHz, expandable up to 24 hours by way of back-lighting. For connectivity Blutetooth, it goes to 30 hours of operation with the backlight at minimum power is used to 50 hours without the backlight. To use, without having the stopwatch in hand, we can see that the manufacturer is in compliance with the data announced (in any case for the party SLIPSTREAM 2.4 Ghz).

Interestingly, Corsair offers little to connect its wireless devices with the technology Slipstream 2.4 GHz via a single dongle, we have already a compatible mouse to find the IronClaw RGB Wireless. For the moment this function is only available in Beta but is quite functional. It is possible to pair up to 3 devices on a single dongle. This frees up a few ports to the passage if you connect at the same time a keyboard K57, a mouse Ironclaw RGB Wireless or Harpoon RGB Wireless and headphones Virtuoso RGB or !

The tuning software of the devices Corsair iCUE is well known of writing. The adjustment possibilities are numerous and we are going to detail them all.

Let’s start with the part “Actions”. It gives free rein to your imagination on the creation of macros, reassign keys, change the keyboard language, the addition of mouse functions and multimedia functions.

The “Lighting” allows you to indulge in the joy of adjusting the color of K57 from among 16.8 million colors. You can choose to set up touch by touch, or choose to pre-defined scenarios like the lighting to static, the spiral or the ripple arc-en-ciel, the color change, the wave of color, the visor, the rain, lighting strikes, tilt, ripple, wave, and finally, the continuous mode. It is also here that we see one of the only differences with the K55. The K57 abandons the retro-illumination in 3 zones for a version touch by touch, and this is not displeasing to us.

The next tab is dedicated to the “Performance” with the blocking of the combinations Alt+Tab, Alt + F4, Shift + Tab, or even the disabling of the Windows key. It has to do is check off what you need and press the Win Lock (logo padlock) to enable this function.

To finish, we will go through the “Settings” tab where you can change the refresh rate of the sensor (125, 250, 500 or 1000Hz), the brightness, the keyboard layout, or the management of the standby mode so as not to see the battery melt like snow in the sun.

With a price close to 100€, we would tend to find that the small home again Corsair is a bit expensive … and yet, in looking closer, it remains without competition in this segment. It is necessary to pass the cape of 130€ to start to see keyboards, wireless gaming, and not necessarily RGB, such as the K63 from the same manufacturer, or the G613 by the Swiss Logitech. I assure you, at about 130€, it was the right to of the mechanical switch.

The K57 RGB Wireless is a very good membrane keyboard, it reverts to the basis of the very good K55 and has all the assets to succeed. The quality Corsair is waiting for you as you might expect, as well as the Software iCUE that we already know very well and which allows for customization of the keyboard to very high levels. The contribution of the wireless adds a little more to use in front of the TV and also removes a wire ugly on the desktop, nothing to complain on that side.

Finally, the only downside (apart from the quoted price a little higher) that we can find him, it is the glossy plastic on the top part of the keyboard. It is certainly a nice effect – when it’s taken out of the packaging – but to use it is very messy, it is necessary to clean this shiny strip regularly so as not to see the grains of dust take ownership of the place and attract the eye irreparably over.

Finally, we will conclude on the fact that the K57 is neither more nor less than a K55 that would have cut the cord with its USB port. There is a little improvement, but it remains that it is one of the best keyboards wireless for those who seek the softness and the silence of the membrane keyboard. And for that, he deserves our label favorite !