The Predator Triton 500 Acer integrates the circle wider and wider PC laptop 15.6-inch to players, including the processor and the graphics card are required to change in the coming weeks.

As his playmates stables, Asus and MSI, this Predator has decided to adopt the new Intel processors Comet Lake-H from Intel and the 3D cards GeForce RTX Super Nvidia.

Predator Triton 500
Predator Triton 500

Screen, processor, and smart 3D : a Triton still more swift

Compared to the model that we tested late last year, nothing changes on the case : the same keyboard, the same connectors and… surely the same faculty to do the roar of its cooling system since Acer provides have evolved to obtain dissipation performance up to 33% greater in the model 2019. It will be on piece, on the occasion of a test.

The screen keeps its edge relatively fine, but the slab Full HD IPS is now able to rise up to 300 Hz, depending on the model of Triton (response time advertised max. of 3 ms), and propose that the G-Sync and Optimus thanks to one of the new tech from Nvidia.

In terms of components, we said, these are the Intel Core i7-10750H and 10875H that are expected under the keyboard. It may even be that the Core i9-10980HK may be of the feast, but Acer has not yet been able to confirm this.
On the slope chart, the manufacturer announced that both the GeForce RTX 2070 Super Max-Q that the RTX-2080 Super classic will be proposed, based on the references. For the rest, nothing changes, the memory capacity can reach 32 Gb and the SSD storage, 2 Tb in RAID 0.

Acer announces that the first Predator Triton 500 raw 2020 will happen in the course of the month of may and that they will be sold from 2200 euros approximately.