To address its biggest problem, the video conferencing application Zoom just enabled two options that were disabled by default.

In the last few weeks Zoom made headlines for two reasons diametrically opposed. On one hand, the application of video conferencing proved a massive hit, and it has multiplied its number of users by 20 compared to December 2019. On the other, it continues to be criticized for the practices of its security.

Symbol of the problems in the video conferencing service, the “zoombombing” became a true phenomenon of the containment. On Twitter, Reddit and forums, chenapans exchange the identifiers of meetings Zoom that are not protected by a password. They connect to it to disrupt the conversation, with some going so far as to launch incitement to hatred or to disseminate pornographic content through the option of screen sharing. In an update deployed on 5 April 2020, the company has made the necessary changes to prevent this practice.

The victims of the “zoombombing” use the video conferencing service for its affordability, its accessibility, its ability to accommodate up to 100 people or even his wallpapers fun. But these new users don’t take the time to focus on the settings : by default, the options ” Require a password for the meeting “, and “turn the waiting room” were disabled. Since 5 April 2020, they are now enabled by default. These small changes should help to solve the main problem of safety of the general public, and to put an end to the succession of the stories incredible.

Now, when you create a meeting without changing any parameter, you will have to accept one by one the participants of the meeting, which patienteront in a virtual waiting room prior to your decision. You can filter the names that appear to be suspicious.

When you share the link of meeting invitation, the password will be pre-filled. On the other hand, if a small malignant is the id of your meeting, it will need to populate the password. If you do not set self-defined, Zoom will be offered a password of 6 digits. So this is not a strong password, but it will be sufficient to protect your online courses or your meeting against the prankster.

The video conferencing service can finally put the “zoombombing” aside, and focus on the many more technical issues facing it. The president of Zoom was announced on April 1 that he was going to focus for 90 days completeness of the technical resources of the company on the resolution of security issues.

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