Microsoft has launched registration for the beta of Project xCloud, his service games streaming video in particular can be accessed from a mobile. The launch remains unclear.

Despite the current context complicated, Microsoft must implement the phase 2 of Project xCloud, mentioned in the end of last year on the occasion of the event XO19. The gaming service streaming video, accessible from a mobile platform, is for the moment tested by players from three countries (South Korea, United States and the United Kingdom). In a note published on 7 April, the firm of Redmond has announced the launch of registration for the beta for France.

However, this does not mean that the people selected will be able to enjoy it immediately. The health situation in which is currently dive-France is pushing to restrict the use of the bandwidth. In this sense, Microsoft may not launch a streaming service greedy, even if it is ambitious to believe that millions of people throw away top at this stage of development. The company states that ” the service will only be launched when we deem that it is reasonable to do so “.

Project xCloud : how do I register for the beta ?

Today, it is not possible to register for only the preview version of Project xCloud. It is a closed beta, meaning that access is not guaranteed to everyone. “We anticipate that many people will subscribe to a limited number of places and that invitations will not be sent until several months after entry “, stresses Microsoft

To note that it is not necessary to be owner of an Xbox One to take advantage of Project xCloud. Rather, it must be the holder of a Microsoft account, you can very well create at the time of registration. The procedure is available at this address.

Project xCloud : what devices are compatible ?

In a first step, Project xCloud will only be available on Android devices that meet the following criteria : operating system Android 6.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 (the minimum). It is also necessary to guard against wireless controller, Xbox (as it will be very easy to attach to your phone or tablet). To improve usability, there are clips to attach it physically.

Project xCloud : what connection does it ?

On the site presentation of Project xCloud, Microsoft recommends a Wi-Fi connection or mobile with a data rate of 10 Mbit/s in reception. It is comparable to what Google recommends to play in Stadia in HD quality. Of course, the more bandwidth will be important, and the higher the latency will be low, the more the experience will be fluid and of high quality.

In mobile connection, it will be necessary to ensure that the envelope of the data since the consumption will be very high on a long session of video game streaming.

Project xCloud : what catalog ?

At the beginning, there was only a handful of games available in Project xCloud. Today, the catalog contains 91 securities, available for free (during the beta). There are no games that are stamped with Microsoft, and the selection is very abundant. The list is available at this address. Among the big titles, we can mention : Devil May Cry 5, Forza Horizon 4, Ori and the Blind Forest and Gears of War : Ultimate Edition.

Project xCloud : it comes out when ?

Microsoft has not delivered any details on the marketing Project xCloud, nor on the economic model that will be chosen. We can speculate on a service that charged a few euros, enabling access to the games you own already on another Xbox product (Xbox, Windows 10), or by subscribing to Game Pass.