The PS5 Sony will be available in the end of the year. In the meantime, it summarizes all that is known of the console. Price, release date, features, games, backwards compatibility, design, controller, DualSense… is the point.

The end of the year 2020, will be placed under the sign of the new consoles, with the PS5 and, on the other, the Xbox Series X. If we know some characteristics for the two products, there are still some size information to confirm — in particular on the side of the PS5 , which it is not yet known design, for example.

At the time of writing these lines, we know a little bit more about the Xbox Series X, which was revealed late last year during the ceremony of The Game Awards. But, these last few months, Sony has prepared the ground for the PS5 , which will succeed the PlayStation 4, sold more than 100 million copies. Release Date, price, architecture, games… let’s Make the point on this console.

A design that is still unknown for the PS5

This is the main unknown of the PlayStation 5 : what it will look like-does it ? In recent weeks, we have seen photos of the development kit. Although it is hideous, it does not hint the final look of the console. Will there be a right to what looks like a tower PC, like the Xbox Series X ? Still a little patience.

The controller will not be a DualShock 5

When Sony announced the launch of the PS5 to the end of 2020, he has given two pieces of information on the controller :

  • It will have a haptic feedback to replace the traditional vibration ;
  • And triggers adaptive (developers will be able to play on the resistance in order to provide sensations more accurate and close to reality).

The japanese manufacturer has formalized the controller DualSense in an article published on 7 April. New name, pronounced trend of the design, finish combining black and white, integration of a microphone, switching USB port-C for charging… compared to the DualShock 4, the changes are numerous.

PS5 controller
PS5 controller

Less powerful than the Xbox Series X ?

On April 16, 2019, in the columns of Wired, Sony unveiled the architecture of the PlayStation 5. It will build on the foundations of the PlayStation 4 and always with the confidence in AMD (CPU Ryzen engraved to 7 nm and GPU custom that supports the ray tracing). Very quickly, the multinational company has put forward the integration of an SSD optimized, allowing the loading time is super fast. She does not forget the emphasis on the sound, with 3D audio in the program.

The side of the power GPU, we know that the PS5 will be a little worse off than the Xbox Series X : 10,28 teraflops, compared 12,16 teraflops. Sony has also made the choice of processors with a variable frequency (probably to prevent overheating), which will involve optimizations of the part of the developers. The japanese company is counting on its SSD custom claiming a speed of transfer 5.5 Gb/s to make up the difference. Ultimately, one may think that this will be the case.

For storage, the SSD of the PS5 is limited to 825 Gb, but you can insert a second SSD in the console — under the guise that it is compatible in terms of size, and speed of transfers.

Last point : the PS5 will have a sleep mode far less energy than the different versions of the PlayStation 4.

What exclusives PS5 ? What is backward compatibility ?

Sony has built the success of the PlayStation 4 on its incredible catalog filled with exclusive quality (we think of strong , God of War, waiting for The Last of Us Part II). There is no doubt that the PlayStation 5 will report between this wave to continue to strengthen its community. For the moment, we do not know a single game PS5 : Godfall, edited by Gearbox. It will also be available on PC.

In addition to the loading time improved, Sony bet on the backward compatibility — to be an argument flagship of the next generation. In regards to the Xbox Series X, it was no doubt on this point. For the PlayStation 5, it is a little more vague. Because, last October, a spokesperson has sown the seed of doubt in stating by way of precaution : “We do our best to ensure that our development team can ensure a backward-compatible to 100 % [with the catalogue PS4]. ” A few months ago, Sony promised a smooth transition, especially with backups PS4/PS5 shared for compatible games.

During his lecture of march 18, Mark Cerny, architect of the console, was still given a number : one hundred PS4 games will be compatible at launch (it will be the most popular). In the wake of this, Sony has updated a section of its blog to reassure the players : “We expect that the vast majority of the 4,000 titles PS4 to be playable on PS5. “Note that some titles will benefit from a few graphics improvements and/or techniques. “We have already tested hundreds of titles and we have tested a few thousands by the launch , “says the manufacturer.

As a reminder, the service PlayStation Now enables access to hundreds of old games through streaming. PlayStation 5 should have it.

Rendez-vous at the end of the year 2020

The PS5 will be available in the end of the year, probably around the month of November (as the PS4). The price should not exceed 500 euros, except if Sony wants to repeat the mistake of the PlayStation 3 (launched at € 600).